• 1. What is ALEKS?

    ALEKS is a powerful, artificial-intelligence-based, adaptive math assessment. Through delivery of up to 30 questions, this test reveals and reports on the strengths and weaknesses of your mathematical knowledge and provides you with learning tools for improving that knowledge.

    The ALEKS placement test generally takes between 60 and 90 minutes to complete.

  • 2. Is ALEKS testing currently available at CBC?

    Face-to-face ALEKS testing is offered on campus for students with current math scores in the system who would like to improve their placement. Interested students should call or email%20us for more information.
  • 3. How can I prepare for this test?

    There are several free and easy methods to study for ALEKS:

    1. Visit the ALEKS website and select "Independent Users' to access the best information and a free trial, including test prep materials.

    Visit ALEKS!

    2. EdReady offers online preparation and a customized study plan to help you reach your goal.

    I want to be EdReady!

    3. Watch animated videos, completed examples and other free prep materials from developmental math to Trigonometry at HippoCampus by NROC.

    Visit HippoCampus!

    4. The Academic Success Center is eager to provide you with individualized support and resources to support your math placement and beyond!

    Learn more!

    5. Ready to brush up on your Algebra skills? Explore the Math department's noncredit self-study Canvas course for students whose goal is to place into MATH&171.

    Visit the Canvas page!

  • 4. Am I allowed to use my own calculator?

    No, but we've got you covered! During the exam, an online scientific calculator will become available for your use when permitted.

  • 5. When do I get my results, and how do I know what they mean?

    You'll receive your results immediately following your test.

    To review your placement results you will need to first log into your ctcLink account.  Once you’re logged in, return here and click on the Mobile Student Center link, click on “Academics” and select “Test Scores.”

    Your success in math is important! We highly recommend discussing your career goals and math placement with a completion coach in the Counseling and Advising department.

    Placement Guide

  • 6. Can I retake this test?

    Yes! You may retake the ALEKS test twice within a year of when you first take the test. After the first exam, you will have access to a customized Prep and Learning module for one year from the date the module is opened.

    There is a mandatory 48 hour “cooling off” period between your first and second attempts at ALEKS, designed to encourage you to use the Prep and Learning module to prepare more effectively.

    If you plan on retaking your ALEKS exam a second time, you’ll need to spend at least five hours in your learning module after your first retake attempt before you can schedule your final test.   

  • 7. Do my scores expire?

    Yes. ALEKS scores expire one year from the first time you take your test. We will always use your highest score to determine your placement in math at CBC.

  • 8. Can I receive accommodations for my documented disability when I take this test?

    Services for qualified students with disabilities are available! Students who have documented learning and/or physical disabilities and need to request testing accommodations by contacting CBC Disability Support Services at 509-452-4412, by%20email or by visiting Room T403 of the T Building before scheduling a placement test.  

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