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Take a look at previous events the DEI Office has participate in.

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We are continually planning culturally relevant events and programs to help us come together.

Black History Month Workshop:

Abstract Painting w/Alma Thomas

February 26, 2024

Time: noon to 2 pm

Location: ASC Room T433

Host: Academic Success Center (ASC)

General DEI Council Meeting

February 26, 2024

Time: 3 to 4 pm

Location: SWL 121

Host: DEI Council

Multicultural Festival

March 12, 2024

Time: 6 to 8 pm

Location: Gjerde Center

Host: Japanese Culture Club and CBC LULAC

Cosechando Exitos Graduation

Friday June 7, 2024

Time: 5pm
Location: Gjerde Center
Host: DEI Council




Students walking around CBC's Pasco campus