Rules Coordination Office

Columbia Basin College’s Rules Coordination Office oversees the College’s rule-making process, including the review, creation, amendment, and repeal of CBC’s Washington Administrative Code rules (Title 132S WAC). In carrying out this function, the Coordination Office works with the College division(s) promulgating the rule(s), and the Attorney General’s Office for final adoption. In addition, the Coordination Office maintains the College rule-making docket; plans and facilitates public hearings; produces the required legal notices for the press; and publishes the WAC chapters on the CBC webpage.

This webpage provides information about current rule-making activity and recently proposed changes by CBC. If you have questions regarding the rule-making process, you may email Camilla%20Glatt, Rules Coordinator or call 509-542-5548.

Columbia Basin College is proposing amendments to its rules to provide clarity to the processes for the Student Conduct Code, as well as other amendments to established rules for parking and traffic regulations, to eliminate gender-specific references with gender-neutral alternatives and to repeal the Non-Discrimination and Harassment Policy and Grievance Procedure (already captured in a College Operations Policy). The first step in the rulemaking process is filing a Pre-Proposal (CR 101), which was filed on May 26, 2020 and can be viewed below. This Rules Coordination page will be updated as the rulemaking process proceeds with the filing of Proposed Rulemaking (CR 102) which is the second step in the process.

Washington State Register (WSR) Citations:

CR-101: WSR 20-12-016





  • Phone:509-547-0511

  • Address:2600 N. 20th Ave., Pasco, WA 99301

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