Gold Card

A reduced tuition program for those 60 years of age or older.

What is a Gold Card?

Are you 60 years young? Are you intersted in learning a new language, taking an art class or using the Fitness Center? We have a program specifically for you! 

A Gold Card allows eligible individuals, age 60 or older, to audit classes at a reduced tuition rate. Registration is on a space available basis for a maximum of two classes per quarter. 


  • You must be 60 years of age or older.
  • You must be a Washington State resident for the previous 12 months.
  • Classes must have a seat available at the time of registration
  • A class taken at reduced tuition rate must be audited, and not eligible for transfer.

CBC is currently working remotely in response to COVID-19. For the best health of our community, many of our in-person services are suspended until further notice. Click each FAQ below for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit Hawk Central, located in the H building on the Pasco campus.

Remote Operations: Please contact Hawk Central at 509-542-4601 or email%20us for more information.

Currently, the cost is $1.00 per class plus $4.00 per credit plus any applicable class fees, books, supplies and/or lab fees.

You are eligible to enroll in any CBC class, including Fitness Center, with the exception of special fee and self-support classes. Limit of two classes per quarter.

The Gold Card fitness program is currently suspended until further notice.

You are eligible to enroll begining the third day of each quarter. Enrollment is contingent upon seat availability and instructor permission. Register in person at Hawk Central, located in the H building on the Pasco campus.

Remote Registration:
You can email%20Hawk%20Central starting on the 3rd day of the quarter, January 6th for winter 2021, and include:

  • your full name
  • Student ID Number (if known) or Date of Birth
  • Address on file
  • Quarter (eg, winter 2021)
  • the 4-digit item number the Course ID (eg, ENGL&101)
  • all permissions you are requesting (add/drop, overload, late enrollment, etc).
    • This means that if you’re requesting an overload after the 3rd day of the quarter, you will also need to request permission for late enrollment. Don’t worry, though—this can all be done in the same email!
    • If you need a prerequisite override, you will need to get both permission from the instructor and the department lead/dean. If you’re not sure who that is, ask the instructor!

A Hawk Central Specialist may call you to confirm your registration request.

Yes! Once you are registered for classes and/or Fitness Center, and paid applicable tuition and fees, you are eligible for an ID card. Bring your photo ID and a copy of your paid registration to the Student ID Center in the H builidng. Replacement ID cards are $3.25.

Remote Operations: ID cards are not required. If you are interested in obtaining a student ID card, please visit the Student ID Card page for more information.

No. A class taken for reduced tuition must be audited. This means you will not earn college credit. 

Yes, you must get permission from the instructor, prior to registering, to take the class as an audit and for late enrollment. Registration forms are available online and at Hawk Central.

Yes, contingent upon approval. You must submit a Prerequisite Override Request form signed by the instructor and the dean or department lead. This form is available online and at Hawk Central.

Visit Hawk Central, located in the H building on the Pasco campus, or send us an email.

Remote Operations: Please contact Hawk Central at 509-542-4601 or send us an email.

Gold Card holders may attend Columbia Basin College sponsored events, music and drama presentations, athlectics and other campus entertainment at reduced or free rate!



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