Organizational Charts

At CBC, we prioritize student learning, excellence, diversity, equity, and sustainability. Join a community that celebrates unique perspectives, fosters innovation, and values your well-being. Explore our organizational charts—it's more than a chart, it's a roadmap guiding our commitment to your growth. Whether you're part of our team or considering joining, welcome to CBC—an enriching cultural experience, not just education.

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CBC Main

Dive into the heartbeat of our Main Campus! Discover the interconnected divisions that shape our vibrant community—where each role plays a crucial part in creating an enriching and dynamic educational experience for all.

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President's Office

Guiding the institution with vision and leadership, the President's Office shapes strategic initiatives and ensures the college's overall mission and goals are achieved.

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Administrative Services

The backbone of operations, Administrative Services manages essential functions such as facilities, technology, and finance, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation of the college.

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Upholding our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, this division fosters an environment where unique perspectives are celebrated, promoting equality and a sense of belonging.

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Making dreams happen and securing futures, our Foundation division is all about community support. We work with donors and partners to fund scholarships, programs, and important projects. With the community's help, we keep the college a place of education and inspiration for generations.

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Human Resources & Legal Affairs

Committed to our people, this division handles talent management, employee well-being, and ensures legal compliance, creating a workplace where everyone thrives.

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The heartbeat of academic excellence, Instruction oversees curriculum development, faculty support, and the delivery of high-quality educational programs, fostering an environment of continuous learning.

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Marketing & Communications

Building connections and fostering community engagement, this division showcases the college's achievements, events, and opportunities, creating a vibrant and informed campus culture.

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Organizational Learning

Fueling growth and development, this division is the engine of continuous improvement. From analyzing data to identifying key insights, Organizational Learning ensures we make informed decisions that drive progress. It's all about creating a culture of learning and adaptability, where each step forward is backed by meaningful data analysis.

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Student Services

Nurturing student success, this division focuses on support services ranging from counseling to career guidance, ensuring every student's journey is enriched and empowered.

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