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Why Business?

Do you want you to advance in your career, earn more money or become your own boss? If you answered ‘Yes!’ to any of these questions, then the School of Business is the place for you! We offer opportunities for professional growth in the fields of accounting, management and marketing, as well as training to learn how to start your own enterprise. Whether you’re just starting out and want to earn your associate degree or want to go for that next level in your career with one of our Bachelor of Applied Science degrees, the School of Business will truly support you along the path to your goal.

Learn the fundamental accounting processes needed to prepare financial reports and operate in the business sector. Students who study accounting go on to a variety of career opportunities including finance, government or non-profit work.

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With a completed associates degree or equivalent, you can pursue a BAS degree in Applied Management where you will expand your skills with an emphasis on leadership, managment and entrepreneurship. You will receive training that combines technical, academic and professional coursework to jump start or advance your career.

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Reach your goals in the world of business through the courses and programs offered at CBC! Whether you're planning to transfer to a university or stay to complete a BAS degree at CBC, the coursework provides a strong foundation of business skills.

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Learn about the lifecycle of managing a large scale project including initiating, planning, execution and monitoring. You'll also gain additional training in contracts, human resource management and procurement skills related to project knowledge. Get trained by industry professionals with working knowledge and a hands-on training approach.

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In a growing Tri-Cities region, this program provides support to individuals looking to start their own business or capitalize on a great idea. The program assists you with creating a solid business plan, developing product prototypes and networking with industry professionals to learn the best practices to jump start your career.

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