Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing degree at Columbia Basin College was developed as a direct result of business demand in the Tri-Cities. If you are interested in becoming a marketing professional in today's digital environment, this program may be for you!

Coursework in this program provides a solid foundation of business and marketing concepts, including digital marketing research, strategies and analytics, content creation, search engine marketing and optimization, social media campaigns, basic web development and leadership and communication experience through our Collegiate DECA Chapter.
Digital Marketing Program at Columbia Basin College


Program Level Outcomes for Digital Marketing

Program learning outcomes are the knowledge, skills, and abilities that students will achieve before they graduate. The outcomes below were developed by the faculty in the Digital Marketing program at CBC with input from accrediting bodies, advisory committees, employers, etc. This collaboration ensures that the outcomes are relevant for careers that this degree leads to.

Throughout the Digital Marketing program, students will accomplish all five of the following Program Level Outcomes (PLOs):

  1. Establish business and marketing objectives.
  2. Translate objectives into integrated marketing strategies.
  3. Manage marketing operations with a holistic business perspective.
  4. Optimize Digital Marketing campaigns based on data inputs and research efforts.
  5. Utilize marketing efforts to establish future product innovation and development.


Degrees and Certificates Offered:

The Digital Marketing Associate in Applied Science (AAS-T) degree at CBC articulates into the Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Digital Marketing degree at Bellevue College.


Students will gain knowledge in:
  • Developing marketing plans
  • Analyzing target markets
  • Determining an effective marketing budget
  • Creating marketing campaigns and digital advertisements in a variety of media
  • Social media strategies
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Real world case studies and marketing simulations
  • Administering marketing research and present findings




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