Business Program at CBC

At Columbia Basin College, our business students are building the diverse knowledge base that is necessary in today’s ever evolving business climate. In order to meet the needs of our students and the business community, our programs are built with several pathways in different areas of expertise, general business or more specifically focused, and at varying lengths of completion.

Program Offerings:

  • Business AA (Transfer Degree)
  • AAS in Business Administration
  • Business Administration One-Year Certificate
  • AAS in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation Certificate
  • Sales Certificate
CBC Business Program

Our degrees and certificates place an emphasis on the experience that instructors bring to the table, and the experience students gain through applying knowledge to real-world case studies in and out of the classroom setting.

Reasons why someone might take the program or classes:

  • Employers in every industry need people with business knowledge and experience
  • General degrees in Business Administration keep many doors open for students to later choose when they find their passion
  • Learn and apply the skills necessary to start your own business

Careers in Business

At CBC, our business graduates enter a variety of disciplines in an even wider variety of industries!

  • Human Resource (HR) Assistant

    In this position, you would provide support to the HR Manager or Director. As part of the human resources team, HR Assistants ensure that workplace needs are being met in the form of benefit administration, salary determination and employee discipline. An HR Assistant typically handles administrative and clerical duties as well.

  • Marketing Coordinator

    In this position, you would assist in strategizing the overall marketing plan of a brand or company. This may include website creation, event marketing, direct marketing or media management. Marketing coordinators provide creative materials during content development or help with data verification and advertising placement.

  • Assistant Buyer

    In this position, you would work to coordinate the purchase of products and materials on behalf of an organization. You would conduct market research to determine where to find the best quality materials and products for the best prices. You would build and maintain relationships with vendors in order to ensure their organization always has a source for necessary products. You could also handle administrative duties relating to purchases, including tracking orders and ensuring records are kept up-to-date.

  • Sales Representative

    In this position, you would sell products, goods and services to customers. You would be responsible for finding and engaging with new customers through referrals, networking, and cold calling. You would maintain relationships with your existing customer base through office visits, meetings, check-up calls or follow-up emails.

  • Entrepreneur

    In this position, you would combine land/natural resources, labor and capitol to manufacture goods or provide services. You would create a business plan, hire labor, acquire resources and financing, and provide leadership and management for the business.

  • Office Assistant

    In this position, you would efficiently manage a variety of administrative duties in a company. Duties may include preparing documents, scheduling meetings, and updating company records. You would ensure that the office runs smoothly on a daily basis by answering phones, bookkeeping, maintaining paper, and electronic paperwork and greeting visitors in a friendly manner.


Students walking around CBC's Pasco campus