Transfer Opportunities

Start your four-year degree at CBC

Take advantage of quality instructors, low tuition and small class sizes by completing your first 90 credits at CBC and then transferring to a four-year institution in Washington State. You can also complete a Bachelor's degree at CBC and continue onto a graduate program.

Transfer Degrees 

The following CBC degrees will transfer directly to Washington State public four-year universities. Out-of-state and private universities may also accept our degrees when you transfer to one of them. Once you enroll at CBC, you should work with a completion coach to explore transfer options and develop your transfer plans.

Direct Transfer Agreement (AA/DTA)
Direct Transfer Agreement/Major Related Programs (AA/DTA/MRP)
Associate in Science – Transfer (AS-T)
Associate in Applied Science – Transfer (AAS-T)

*All Associate degrees (AA/DTA, AA/DTA/MRP, AS-T, AAS, AAS-T) are transferrable to CBC’s Bachelor of Applied Science programs.


Direct Program Transfer Agreements

CBC has specific agreements in place to help you directly transfer your degree to the following colleges and universities. These may be general programs or very specific majors. Please work with your completion coach and the transfer institution to make sure you are taking the appropriate courses.

CBC offers an Associate in Arts and Sciences-Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA).

Many of these institutions apply provisos in accepting the DTA associate degree. Please view the provisos for the institutions of your interest.

Preparing Your Transfer Plan

  • Visit the websites of other institutions to review the majors offered and their transfer admission requirements.
  • Check the CBC calendar and attend transfer events.
  • Read the Transfer Tips & FAQs at the bottom of this page.
  • Meet with your completion coach if you need assistance.
  • Maintain a strong GPA.

Your Transfer Options: What to Consider

First make a list of institutions you would like to learn more about. Select at least three. Once you have a list of institutions you would like to consider, go to each of their websites to research following:

  • Academic studies
  • Location
  • Type of institution
  • Types of program and offerings
  • Size
  • Demographic information
  • Support services
  • Cost
  • Agreements

Planning Takes Time

Now that you have researched transfer institutions, the next step is to gather some more specific information:

  • Attend Transfer Events
  • Consult Faculty
  • Confirm your Academic Pathway with your completion coach.
  • Fill out necessary forms (e.g., transfer intent form) as advised by your completion coach.
  • Visit the institutions you’re interested in transferring to and determine if each school is a good fit. This is also the perfect time to confirm their admissions/enrollment process and financial/scholarship opportunities.
  • Inquire about additional courses or requirements expected by your transfer institutions of interest.
  • Continue to submit necessary forms as needed with your completion coach..
  • Meet with your completion coach if you need assistance.
  • Maintain a strong GPA.

Narrowing Down and Confirming your Decision

If after you have followed all of these steps, you still can’t narrow your list down or decide on your top two or three transfer options, try the following options:

  • Schedule a Campus Tour or Open House event - sometimes visiting the transfer institution can help. Check if you see yourself attending this institution.
  • Request that Admissions connect you with a student like yourself who is attending that institution. Ask them about their experience and/or any questions that admissions office cannot answer.
  • Confirm the admissions requirements and enrollment process.
  • Confirm your financial aid and whether any scholarships you are awarded will be offered once or until you graduate from there.

Transfer Tips and FAQs 

The Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges provides some helpful resources and information to guide you on your four-year journey after your time at CBC!

Washington 45

Students who complete certain courses selected from within the general education categories listed at public community, technical, four-year college or university in Washington State will be able to transfer and apply a maximum of 45 quarter credits toward general education requirement(s) at any other public and most private higher education institutions in the state.


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