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What is ASCBC?

The Associated Students of Columbia Basin College (ASCBC) are thrilled to have you as a member of our student community! If you are currently registered for classes here at CBC, you are automatically a member of ASCBC and will have opportunities to be part of exciting events and activities. Your student government officers are available to help you during your college experience. Stop by our office (upstairs in the HUB) to get information about upcoming student events or learn about Clubs or Leadership Council. We want to make sure that you get the most out of your college experience.

  • Student officer positions (Executive Council and Service and Activities Board)
  • Leadership and Club Council curriculum and well-being
  • Clubs
  • Organizations structures and policies (Athletics and the Arts)
  • Student representation on committees
  • Allocating student funds (also known as S&A fees)
  • Managing student capital investments (Gjerde Center, HUB and Pavilion)
Offerings for Students
  • FREE all campus BBQs and lunches
  • Entertaining, fun activities like dances and outdoor movies
  • Diverse club events
  • Service activities (voter registration, service to students, etc.)
  • Legislative and student voice forums and platforms

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What are ASCBC Student Clubs?

The purpose of student clubs at CBC is to provide opportunities for the enhancement of academic, cultural, social and recreational aspects of student life through participation in group programs and activities. These groups allow students with common interests to come together and share their talents and knowledge with the greater student community. Every CBC student has the opportunity to become involved! Clubs are open to ALL students who are enrolled in at least one credit or more!

Getting involved

We are always looking for dedicated students to run for Executive Council and/or apply for Service and Activities Board (SAB). If you want to gain leadership experience, earn money, build your resume and have fun, this is a great opportunity for you!

The ASCBC President, Vice President, and Secretary of Legislative Affairs are not only student officers but also paid CBC student employees. As a collective, these positions are called Executive Council. Executive Council members are paid minimum wage, up to 19 hours per week.

To join the Executive Council, you can apply through the student employment website when the positions post in April of each year. Once we determine that you meet all the minimum qualifications, we will contact you. Positions are filled via a selection or election process.

You can! Any student can start a club if they have student interest, advisor support, commitment and passion! Check out the ASCBC Canvas classroom to find out more!

Maybe you aren’t a starter? Maybe you just want to join. Great! Check out the list of current clubs below.

Also, be sure to stop by one of our Club Rush events! Club Rush happens twice per year, during the beginning of fall and winter quarters. At Club Rush, you'll have the opportunity to connect with the students and advisors directly involved with our current clubs and learn all about the club's purpose and goals (oh, and there's always free food and prizes!).

Service and Activity (S&A) Fees are for the purpose of supporting student activities and programs. The boards of trustees of the state’s colleges and universities have the express and exclusive authority to determine what constitutes bona fide student activities. In its ordinary and usual meaning, “student activities” refers to any college/university co-curricular or extra-curricular activity in which students participate in the furtherance of their education.

ASCBC has a strong voice in how these fees are allocated and spent. Once the S&A budget has been recommended by ASCBC and approved by the College’s Board of Trustees, the College has the responsibility to ensure that state and institutional regulations and guidelines are followed.

Per RCW 28B.15.045, the S&A budget for the current year, along with the S&A expenditures from the previous year, must be posted publicly by September 30 of each year.

2020 S&A Expense Report       2020-21 S&A Budget


Current ASCBC Clubs

The ASL Club fosters a spirit of inclusion, brings together deaf, hard-of-hearing, and hearing students, provides ASL modeling from native language users, and raises awareness of the deaf community. All CBC students are welcome to join the ASL Club.

Club Advisors: Dan Quock

The ASN Club is a supportive, resourceful and integrative network of nursing students that promotes excellence, mentorship and community service. The ASN Club’s goal is to prepare nursing students for professional responsibilities.

Club Advisor: Becky Phillips

The Automotive Performance Club provides campus and community services and develops automotive awareness. Students have the ability to obtain hands-on experience with automotive technology and build their knowledge and skill set in the industry.

Club Advisors: John Phillips

The Building Blocks Chemistry Club educates students about the real-world application of chemistry and helps students understand scientific topics, as well as how to pursue careers in chemistry.

Club Advisors: Padmaja Gunda

The Cyberhawks Club provides students interested in cyber security with the resources needed to advance their careers. Cyberhawks also provides an understanding of cyber security for those who want to learn and enhance their knowledge of the field.

Club Advisor: Matt Boehnke, Eric Robinson

The DECA Club provides CBC students interested in business with an opportunity to apply what they learn in the classroom by participating and competing in collegiate DECA events and competitions.

Club Advisors: Azhar Zaheer, Ryan Malm


The Dental Hygiene Club promotes the profession of dental hygiene and fosters leadership, networking, mentoring and community among dental hygiene students and faculty.

Club Advisors: Melissa McGlinn, Bobbi Thompson

The Game Club provides a safe space to play games, make friends and compete amongst peers no matter your skill level. Students can participate, both casually and competitively, in game nights and tournaments on campus.

Club Advisor: Mike Reynolds

The LDSSA participates in service projects around campus, studies the scriptures, promotes traditional values and provides students with opportunities to have fun and build community.

Club Advisor: Matthew Montoya

LULAC provides educational and service-learning opportunities to connect with the Latino community, celebrate diversity, develop civic leadership, and gain political awareness. LULAC’s mission is to advance the economic condition, educational attainment, political influence, housing, health and civil rights of the Hispanic population.

Club Advisors: Antonio Cruz, Eudelio Martinez

Phi Theta Kappa is a national honor society founded in 1918 that promotes collaborative opportunities and unique programs for students to develop academic success and leadership skills.

Club Advisor: Terry Fleischman

The Sigma Tau Surgical Technology Club promotes the field and profession of surgical technology through outreach, informational events, legislative initiatives support, conferences, and developing teamwork and collaborations among students to provide quality patient care.

Club Advisors: Johnna Jones, Sarah Rogers

The Speech and Debate Club provides students with opportunities to participate in competitive speaking and debate, both on campus and throughout the Pacific Northwest. The skills gained from competing in speech and debate will help students throughout their academic and professional careers.

Club Advisor: Sallie Fisher

The Splitting Image Club promotes student enrichment and interaction in the field of radiologic technology, biology and the health sciences. Through various events and activities, students are introduced to professional and educational opportunities, while furthering their understanding of the world of modern health care.

Club Advisors: Jay King, April Heitzman

The Tech Club holds a firm belief that technology not only improves lives, but has become a foundation to modern society. Tech Club’s purpose is to explore technology through hands-on experience, research, and exploration of technological locations.

Club Advisor: Don Humphrey


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