Social & Behavioral Sciences

Eudelio Martinez

Assistant Professor of Intercultural Studies

I was raised in a huge Mexican American family and I have been a people watcher since before I can remember. Humans have always fascinated me and I continue to be enthralled with how people relate, interact and exchange with one another. I explore these and other matters in my classes as much as possible and I take pleasure in creating open and honest classroom discussions on topics such as race, immigration, inequality, mental health and drug and alcohol abuse. I truly believe that these and other conversations must take place in order for our society to move forward and improve and I would like to believe that I am helping that to happen through the work and material that I present in class. Currently I teach Survey of Hispanic Cultures, Chicano History, Race and Ethnicity and American Diversity, but I look forward to expanding on those classes as soon as possible. I am a father of two girls, age 13 and 6, and I take great pride in introducing them to what I have learned about the world and the people in it.

Ph.D., University of California Irvine

My research focuses on fast food and immigration in California.  It was conducted over a three and half year period in which I was employed in Orange Country California fast food restaurant, and details the everyday and workaday lived experiences of fast food workers in the region many of whom were immigrants.