Applied Management

Applied Management at CBC

Do you thrive on responsibility or excel in leadership roles? CBC’s Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Applied Management gives you all the skills, tools and practice you’ll need to achieve career success—be it by finding the job of your dreams, or by earning that next big promotion at work.

CBC Applied Management Program

Benefits of a earning your Applied Management degree include:

  • Career Advancement

    By earning your degree in Applied Management, you can unlock you career potential, earn your next promotion or find the job you have been seeking.

  • Skills Development

    Learning from exceptional faculty in settings designed to allow you to learn through practice will help to ensure you stand out to employers while giving you the skills you need to be confident in the workplace of today and tomorrow. Through the courses in this program, you’ll learn to effectively plan projects, organize resources, lead people and evaluate performance. You’ll learn how to manage money, information, materials and people in state-of-the-art applied ways to give you the experience and confidence to succeed in your future managerial roles.

  • Partnership Opportunities

    Networking and collaborating with similarly ambitious, engaged and dedicated colleagues throughout the program will help you establish meaningful relationships for your career long after you leave the classroom.

  • Schedules Built Around You

    Through our flexible course scheduling, you can complete your degree in the manner that fits you best. We offer courses in traditional classrooms, fully online and through hybrid approaches designed to meet your needs.

 Program Offerings:

  • BAS in Applied Management
  • Optional Concentrations in:
    • Agriculture
    • Healthcare Administration


Careers in Applied Management

Occupations in Applied Management encompass a wide variety of skills, roles, clients and settings including:

  • Retail Manager

    As a retail manager, you can organize your store’s operations, hire and develop personnel, and prepare and control your store’s budget with the goal of maximizing performance.

  • Healthcare Operations Manager

    As a healthcare operations manager, you’ll lead teams toward solving your organization’s challenges and needs. Healthcare operations managers work on the “front lines,” working with clients and leading personnel.

  • Human Resource Manager

    As a Human Resource Manager, you’ll identify staffing needs, perform hiring functions, conduct onboarding trainings, assist employees with benefits and payroll, and function as a liaison between the organization and its staff.

  • Financial Manager

    As a financial manager, you’ll be responsible for capital budgeting, examining the cash flows of your organization and making decisions about how best to make investments and manage expenses.

  • Information Manager

    In the modern world of business, information is playing an increasingly important role for enterprises of all shapes and sizes. As an Information Manager, you’ll have the opportunity to determine how to collect data, analyze information and provide solutions to the needs of your business.

Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) Application

Columbia Basin College (CBC) is accredited as a BAS degree-granting institution by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, an institutional accrediting body recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and the U.S. Department of Education. This application and guidelines are for applicants who are interested in the following degrees:

  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Applied Management (Optional concentrations: Agriculture, Healthcare Administration)
  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Cyber Security
  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Software Development
  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Project Management (Optional concentration: Construction)

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For Bachelor of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene, Health Physics, Teacher Education, and Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN-BSN) degrees, do NOT use these guidelines and application. Contact each program for the program-specific application.


Applicants must have met the following requirements:

  • Earned at least an associate degree from an academic transfer or career/technical program or completed at least 90 college-level credits from an academic transfer or career/technical program(s) and

Applicants must have completed the following prerequisites:

  • At least one 100+ level math course with a minimum grade of 2.0
  • ENGL& 101 or the equivalent course with a minimum grade of 2.0

If you have questions about your eligibility, we strongly encourage you to consult the appropriate program advisor listed on the next page on the above prerequisites as you may have already taken the course(s) or equivalent.

Application Deadline

Each program reviews completed applications and admits new students throughout the academic year. While new applications are continuously reviewed, applicants are strongly encouraged to submit their applications early; seats in these classes can become very limited as we approach the beginning of each quarter. In order for your application to be considered, all steps must be completed with the required materials submitted one week prior to the first day of each quarter.

Requirements Checklist

  • Completed online CBC Application for Admission (for new CBC students only)
  • Completed CBC BAS application
  • Official transcript(s)*, sealed, verifying;
    • Your completion of two-year degree and/or all other college credits earned
    • Your completion of the program prerequisites, if applicable

*For applicants who are current/past CBC students or CBC graduates: If you already have your academic records at CBC (e.g., CBC courses, courses from other institutions), you are NOT required to submit official transcript(s) with your application.

*You may submit your application while waiting for your official transcript(s) to arrive. The application will not be processed until the transcript(s) are received. Official transcripts must be received in a sealed envelope or sent electronically through our Washington State Student Management System (SMS), or authorized online service provider.


  1. Complete the online CBC Application for Admission. (Note: if you are a current CBC student you do NOT need to submit a CBC Application for Admission).
  2. Receive CBC Student ID Number via your CBC acceptance email (after your admissions application has been processed).
  3. Submit the BAS Application with all required documents listed in the Requirements Checklist via postal mail or in person.

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Student Records (MS-H4)
RE: BAS Application
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Graduate Education Beyond BAS

The graduates of the BAS in Applied Project Management programs may choose to pursue master's degrees in the related field of study. A number of our alumni have gone on to graduate schools in business administration.

City University of Seattle

Columbia Basin College has established the articulation agreement with City University of Seattle to provide the alumni with a more seamless transition to the graduate degree program.

Columbia Basin College Applied Management Program

Effective November of 2017, CBC students who complete a BAS in Applied Management or BAS in Project Management degree will be eligible for enrollment in any of the City University of Seattle master's degrees listed below.

  • Master of Business Administration with one of the following emphasis areas:
    • Change Leadership
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Finance
    • Global Management
    • Global Marketing
    • Human Resource Management
    • Project Management
    • Sustainable Business
    • Technology Management
  • Master of Science in Project Management

Students who complete the CBC BAS in Applied Management degree will have the MBA prerequisite course waived.

Western Governors University Washington

Columbia Basin College has established the articulation agreement with Western Governors University Washington to provide the alumni with a more seamless transition to the graduate degree program. Effective April 2017, students who complete a BAS degree at CBC will also be eligible for enrollment in a master's degree program at Western Governors University Washington.

Check out the programs that CBC BAS graduates are enrolled in (as of June 2020):

    • BAS in Applied Management
    • Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • MA
    • Elementary Education
    • Elementary Education (K-8)
    • Elementary Education Spec. Eng Lang Learners
    • Government
    • Elementary Education (Leads to initial Teacher Licensure)
    • Secondary Education (Leads to initial Teacher Licensure)
  • MBA
    • Business Administration
    • Healthcare Management
    • IT Management
    • Management and Strategy
    • Master of Business Administration
  • MS
    • Accounting
    • Cybersecurity and Information Assurance
    • IN Project Management
    • Management in Leadership
    • Mental Health and Wellness
    • Operations/Project Management
    • Speech-Language Pathology
    • BAS Cyber Security
    • BAS Information Technology
  • MS
    • Computer Science
    • Cybersecurity and Information Assurance
    • BAS Project Management
  • MA
    • Elementary Education Spec. Special Education
    • Master of Engineering Technology and Technology Management
    • Engineering and Technology MGT

Program Learning Outcomes for Applied Management

Program learning outcomes are the knowledge, skills, and abilities that students will achieve before they graduate. The outcomes below were developed by the faculty in Applied Management with input from accrediting bodies, advisory committees, employers, etc. This collaboration ensures that the outcomes are relevant for careers that this degree leads to.

Students graduating with BAS in Applied Management will be able to:

  1. Describe the four functions of management (planning, organizing, leading, and controlling).
  2. Categorize the four resources of management (human, material, capital, and information).
  3. Differentiate the three tiers of management (strategic, tactical, and operational/functional).
  4. Apply cultural awareness to business operations, customer contacts, and workplace environments.
  5. Recognize the impact of communications with stakeholders/customers/community members with different points of view in both legal and competitive aspects.
  6. Model professionalism in collaborative environments and communications. 
  7. Evaluate information for integrity and utility in order to promote informed decision-making.
  8. Perform data analysis using modern technological resources.
  9. Predict the impacts of technological changes on management processes.
  10. Apply ethical frameworks to organizational challenges and management processes.


Students walking around CBC's Pasco campus