Student Forms

Looking to accomplish something here on campus? You might need a form for that. This page puts those forms at your fingertips!

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Prerequisite Override Request

With instructor and dean approval, there are instances in which you can take a class for which you might not have met all the prerequisites.

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Permission to Enroll

Change is the only constant in life, and we know a lot can change in one quarter. This form helps you enroll in a class that requires instructor permission, overload a class, or late enrollment.

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Name Change Request

Life changes can be stressful. Getting your name changed shouldn’t be. CBC tries to make it as simple as possible with this form.

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Registration Form

The student registration form assists you in managing changes to your class schedule. This form can be used to override a time conflict, audit a course or when you need to repeat a class after your third attempt.

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Grade Repeat Request

You CAN improve your grades, even after they are officially added to your transcript. This form comes in handy after you repeat the course with better results!

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Transcript Order Form

Considering transferring to another college or university, applying for a scholarship or new job and need a copy of your official transcript? Use this form to order your official CBC transcript today!

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Petition for Exception to Deadline (PED)

We hope it never happens, but here at CBC, we recognize that an emergency situation or unforeseen circumstance could affect your ability to complete your classes. The Petition for Exception to Deadline (PED) is a formal request for an exception due to unforeseen illness, death of an immediate family member, military service or hardship.

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Release of Information (ROI)

CBC follows FERPA guidelines to protect YOU! If you’d like us to share any of your information with anyone other than you, this is the form we have to have on file before we do so.

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Academic Credit for Prior Learning

We understand that you can master specific skills outside of a formal classroom and can earn college credit through a variety of other methods including Experiential Learning, Course Challenge and more. More college credits might be available to you--explore your options!

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Diploma Reprint Request

Have you earned a degree from CBC and need an additional copy of your diploma? Use this form to request additional copies.

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CBC is required by law to ask for your Social Security Number. Whether you agree to give it to us or not, we’ve got to have this form on file.

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Report a Student Incident

If you observe another student either in crisis or not following campus rules, we encourage you to report the situation or action to our Student Behavior Intervention Team. It is your choice to remain anonymous or not.

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Washington State Employee Tuition Waiver Request (Non-CBC Employees only)

Are you a Washington State employee with an organization other than CBC? You can take classes for a reduced rate! Find out more about how to seize this opportunity.

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Your Washington state residency determines whether you pay resident or non-resident tuition while attending CBC. Learn how to find your residency status for tuition purposes, and what to submit if you’d like us to reevaluate your residency.

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Student Complaint

Students are encouraged to make an appointment to meet with the faculty or staff member and attempt to resolve the problem. However, if the concern is not resolved, then the student may choose to initiate a more formal process of review.

Student Request for Absence for Reason of Faith or Conscience

At CBC, you don't have to choose between following your faith and getting your education. Find out about your rights from our Student Absence for Reasons of Faith and Conscience Policy.

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