Smarter Balanced Assessment


  • 1. What is Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA)?

    The SBA measures your college and career readiness in math, English and Language Arts.

  • 2. How is the SBA being used at CBC?

    CBC and all Washington community and technical colleges have agreed to use qualifying SBA scores for placement into college-level courses. These scores, in conjunction with your high school transcript, can determine your placement into college-level courses, including Bridge to College courses.

  • 3. Do I have to use my SBA score?

    No. You may feel unsure about your capacity to handle the pace and workload of college-level courses. We encourage you to build your capacity at the high school level and seek additional support as needed in order to avoid the time and cost of pre-college courses.

  • 4. How does SBA apply to Running Start students and others in dual credit programs?

    Qualifying SBA scores apply in the same way for these students as any other students entering college after high school.

  • 5. How do I submit my SBA scores and high school transcript to CBC for placement?

    You may submit both via:

    Your high school counselor can assist you with getting a copy of your SBA scores and transcript.


SBA Interpretation Guide


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