Social Science

For the career-minded and intellectually curious student

In today’s constantly changing world, being able to adapt, think critically and navigate the complex society we live in is more important than ever. By studying the social sciences, you will develop an understanding of how societies, individuals, families, communities, governments and cultures function, interact and evolve over time.

Our courses focus on essential skills like teamwork, research and analysis, oral/written communication and organization that provide you with a strong foundation for an assortment of careers and degrees.

Whether you find your passion and choose to major in a social science, or if you decide to take only a couple classes, the social sciences can provide an enriching and eye-opening experience for everyone.

Choose the right course for you!

In our Anthropology program you will study humanity from the past to the present. The most holistic of the social sciences, you will learn about biology, culture, evolution, archeology, languages, primatology and much, much more!

Psychology is the scientific study of human behavior, the brain, and mental processes. From learning about neuroscience, to how our memory works, you’ll study the complexity of the human condition.

Do you want to understand culture and how social groups and organizations work in society? If so, our Sociology program will provide you with the theoretical knowledge and methodological tools to think and work like a sociologist.

Want to hear about the most epic stories of humanity’s successes, failures, and changes? Learn how to critically examine the world around you while developing your research skills by taking a course in History.

Through Intercultural Studies, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of culture while enhancing your communication skills and your appreciation of the diversity in our world.

Social work and Human Services will give you a foundation for a career that strives to enhance the social functioning of all people while helping them achieve their maximum potential.

Do you like learning about power? Are you fascinated by the choices and values that govern society? Want to learn more about government and citizenship? Political Science is the study of all this and more—it’s the “who gets what, when, and how much" of society.

Philosophy examines the complex issues of good and evil, the nature and purpose of human life and other thought-provoking topics, all while teaching you to think rationally and critically about some of life’s most challenging questions.


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