The love of wisdom

What can Philosophy do for me?

Have you ever questioned the existence of God, what 'reality' really means or the principles of morality? In Philosophy you can attempt to answer these questions through creative thinking and logical analysis. Philosophy is a rewarding study that encourages you to ask questions and develops your reasoning and critical thinking skills. Courses in Philosophy challenge you to:

  • Think rationally and critically about the most important questions of life
  • Examine normative issues of good and evil
  • Consider human nature and the purpose of human life
  • Question what reality is
  • Consider the existence of God
  • Review the adequacy of scientific materialism as a world view

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Philosophy opens many career doors!

Studying Philosophy helps students learn and develop many important skills, such as critical thinking, data analysis and verbal and written communication. These highly desirable and transferable skills will set you up for success no matter what line of work you choose!

Here are a few areas where a background in Philosophy is an asset:

  • Education

    • Teacher
    • College professor
    • Research
  • Government

    • Local, state and federal government agencies
  • Law

    • Corporate attorney
    • Ethics attorney
    • Private attorney
    • Consultant
  • Health

    • Health administration
    • Research
    • Psychiatry
  • Business

    • Stockbrokers and analysts
    • Marketing specialists
    • Editors
    • Publishers
    • Real-estate brokers
  • Science

    • Cognitive scientists
    • National Aviation and Space Administration (NASA)
    • Statisticians


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