Discover the truth in "It's all in your mind"

Are you fascinated by human behavior?

Are you intrigued by how we form relationships, react to social influence or develop mentally and socially? Studying Psychology at Columbia Basin College (CBC) will teach you to use theory and research to observe, describe, analyze and predict human behavior in a variety of settings. You’ll apply your knowledge to multiple issues and connect with topics like human development, human relationships, mental and physical health and human cognition.

What can I learn in Psychology?

When you take Psychology courses at CBC, you will learn about the human mind and it's many facets and functions, including thinking, feeling, emotions and behavior. You will also learn and reinforce important skills in communication, research and analysis that are valuable in many different career tracks. Psychology is closely linked to other fields of study such as sociology, biology, anthropology, economics, education, philosophy, social work and computer science.

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Students in psychology are trained to better understand human behavior through research, critical thinking and discussion.



Where can your degree take you?

Interested in psychology? Wondering what you can do with a degree in psychology? According to the American Psychological Association, “Psychologists are scientists whose work contributes to every aspect of our lives. Careers in psychology can be found in countless fields, from health care and public service to education, business and technology.”

Some of the fields where psychologists work include:

  • Counseling and clinical work
  • Business/advertising
  • Social media
  • Data science
  • Sustainability
  • Education

Additional Career Resources

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Students will be able to articulate the main theories in psychology and apply these theories as explanations for behavior and mental processes.


Students will be able to interpret and analyze data from scholarly and popular sources, fostering critical thinking and enabling the ability to use relevant data for decision-making and forming written and verbal arguments.


Students will demonstrate understanding that behavior and mental processes have multiple causes, including the influence of culture.

Life-long Learning

Students will transfer knowledge of psychological phenomena to personal applications in their lives. Students who take a course in psychology will be familiar with the diversity of career paths in psychology. 

Communicate Effectively

Students communicate what they have learned using terminology and style appropriate for the behavioral and social sciences.



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