Social & Behavioral Sciences

Terry Rueckert

Associate Professor of Social & Behavioral Sciences

I started my educational journey at Columbia Basin College where I earned my associate degree. From there, I transferred to WSU where I began to travel the country, taking classes at various Universities and sending the credits back to WSU. 

After earning a B.S. in Psychology (with a minor in Sociology) and a B.A. in Anthropology (with a minor in Psychology), I went to the University of Oregon to pursue my M.S. in Biological Anthropology. Along with biology, I also studied cognition and social theory before being awarded my M.S. and moving back to the three cities I love the most - The Tri-Cities. After working briefly in the Kennewick School District, I started teaching at Columbia Basin College, where you can still find me to this day.

M.S., University of Oregon
B.S., B.A., Washington State University
A.A., Columbia Basin College