The story of us!

Study humanity's past and more!

History at Columbia Basin College (CBC) exposes you to the world’s most epic moments, movements and stories. By studying history, you will develop skills that will help you succeed, no matter what career path you choose. Just a few things you will gain through History at CBC:

  • Powerful skills of mindfulness and communication that will benefit all potential careers
  • Confidence in tackling complex and complicated issues of life
  • The most epic stories of humanity’s successes, failures and changes
  • Ability to see what is most important and the training to find answers

As a History student, you learn and practice good habits of thinking through analysis of facts, ideas, data and documents. You also create and communicate your own, independent interpretations of these things, using data to back up your conclusions.

“History classes are the highlight of my day; always thought-provoking, energetic and challenging. I know that if I need guidance the amazing professors and staff are ready to help me succeed in attaining my goals.”

Lou Meigs, CBC History Student, 2019


Get Involved!

Calling all history buffs! Want to meet and hang out with a group of like-minded people? Consider joining the CBC History Club. History Club is a student-led club where students explore all aspects of history in a fun and relaxed environment. All CBC students are welcome to join.

Find out more!

Interested in an interdisciplinary approach to history? Want to see how history and another discipline can work together? Want to complete two courses simultaneously? History offers learning communities, including a course that combines Hist 233, War in History with Engl& 102, Composition II. Contact your Completion Coach for more details.

Looking for something different in a History class? Enjoy interacting with other students and expressing yourself? Try a Reacting class, where students take part in an active, complex, role-playing simulation that transforms the classroom into a space for the lively debate of ideas across historical time and geographic space. Contact your Academic Advisor for more details.

Career Pathways in History

By looking to the past, you’ll gain worldly knowledge in addition to skills that can benefit you across all careers, giving you the flexibility to choose from many pursuits.

While teaching is a typical profession that you may associate with history, there are many more opportunities for you, such as:

  •  Attorneys and paralegals
  •  Business owners
  •  Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and law enforcement officers
  •  Government workers and diplomats
  •  Politicians or political staffers
  •  Museum directors, curators and archivists
  •  Publicists or public relations specialists
  •  Market research analysts

 And many others!

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