Political Science

Robert Chisholm

Senior Associate Professor

I have been a student or faculty member at post-secondary institutions since the presidency of João Figueiredo. My primary academic interests are the history of political thought, revolutionary ideology, military history and the development of political authority. I am an avid theatre-goer and amateur actor.

Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh
B.A., M.A., Queen's University, Ontario, Canada

Certificate of Merit, Performance: The Foreigner, Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival Region VII, 2016

Certificate of Appreciation, Terrorism Research Center: Mirror Image Training, Camp Rilea OR, 2008

Travel Grant, Associação Nacional de Pós-Graduação e Pesquisa em Ciências Sociais, Brazil, 1995

Qaid-i-Azam Prize for Best Essay on Pakistani Politics, Embassy of Pakistan and Queen’s University, 1986

“Battlegrounds: Terrain and Combat — A Photo Essay”, Culminating project for the West Point Summer Seminar on Military History, June 2009

“Simulation Participation as a Learning Tool for Abstract Concepts in Political Science”, Office of Institutional Research/Assessment Committee, Columbia Basin College, 2003-04

Coding Brazilian Congress legislative votes for Dr. Barry Ames, The Deadlock of Democracy in Brazil (University of Michigan Press, 2002),

“Counterinsurgency, Military Education, and the Erosion of Apolitical Professionalism: Lessons from the French and Brazilian Experiences,” Romanian Journal of Society and Politics, Vol.13, No. 2 (December 2018): 7-33.

“Progresso e Mimesis: Ideias Políticas, Imitação, e Desenvolvimento,” Lua Nova: Revista de Cultura e Política, No. 77 (2009): 105-145.

“A Ética Feroz de Nicolau Maquiavel” in Célia Galvão Quirino, Claudio Vouga, Gildo Marçal Brandão (eds.), Clássicos do Pensamento Político (São Paulo: EdUSP, 1998): 51-75.