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General FAQ

On average, Hawk Central gets 38,000 student visits per year. That's a lot of questions! Check out our frequently asked questions below. If you don't see what you're looking for, stop by any time to ask or send us a message. We are here for YOU!

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If you don't have or know your student ID and/or PIN, you can email%20us. We typically respond within one business day.

The application at CBC is FREE and applying is easy! Our apply page has all the answers you're looking for.

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We're happy you want to come back! If it's been less than 1 year, please complete the reactivation form. If it's been longer, please visit the returning student page.

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Once your application has been processed, we will send you an acceptance email with your student ID (SID) and information to complete the Getting Started Steps online.

Getting Started

For textbook information, you can visit the CBC Bookstore in person, in the H Building on the Pasco campus or online.

CBC Bookstore

Canvas is an online eLearning system used by most instructors. If you take an online class or hybrid class, you will get some or all of your assignments through Canvas.


Our Lost Student ID/PIN Tool makes it simple to retrieve your student ID and/or PIN.

Lost SID/PIN Tool

Interested in student employment? We would love to help you make some money while you help us with any one of a variety of student employment opportunities!

Student Jobs

We love working at CBC and are excited you're interested in joining us! Check out our current job opportunities today!

Job Opportunities

Student parking is free, as long as you are parking in the white lined parking spots. Parking may seem limited. To ensure a spot, arrive early to find parking!

Parking Information

Carpooling is a great way to save money and help the environment. Visit our Campus Security office to get an application today!

Parking Information

Check with Campus Security in the V Building to see if your missing item was found.

Campus Security

Yes! CBC students who have experienced financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic are eligible to apply for emergency funding. Visit our CARES FAQ page to learn more today!


Financial Aid FAQ

We understand that financial aid can be confusing. It may, at times feel like you are learning a foreign language. We are here to assist you with understanding what types of financial aid are available, so that you have the opportunity to achieve your educational goals regardless of your financial circumstances.

You will receive an email from CBC three to five days after submitting your application. Check your Financial Aid Portal for updates and required documents. Any required documents will be listed under "Information We Need from You."

Financial Aid Portal

Check your Financial Aid Portal! You will also receive an award letter via email to the address you used on your FAFSA or WASFA application.

Financial Aid Portal

Username: Social Security Number/ITIN
Password: Date of Birth (MMDDYY)

Financial Aid Portal

There are lots of ways this may impact your financial aid status. We recommend talking to a Hawk Central specialist or calling the Financial Aid office at 509-547-0511 to discuss your individual situation.

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If you are awarded before the quarter starts, your funds will be released on the first day of the quarter. The time it takes to receive your money will vary depending on how you've setup your preferences with BankMobile. If you are awarded after the quarter has begun, you will receive your money within five business days of being awarded.

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BankMobile is our third-party partner who sends your excess financial aid disbursment to you. You'll create an account with them when you are awarded financial aid at CBC, and you decide how to receive your money. You can also view transactions and keep your information current on the Bank Mobile website.

Visit BankMobile

Financial Aid will only pay your tuition if your enrollment level matches your award. Check your schedule to see how many credits you are registered for. Your financial aid is awarded for full-time (12 to 18 credits) unless otherwise specificed.

Financial Aid Portal

A tax return transcript is the IRS record of a tax return you submitted. You can order a tax return transcript online or via email.

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CBC does not automatically include student loans in your award package. If you want to be considered for student loans, you will need to submit a Federal Direct Loan Request.

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Every situation is unique! We recommend you talk to a Hawk Central specialist or call the Financial Aid office at 509-547-0511 for more information. We can help you understand what your options are for reinstatement.

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Work Study is a type of financial aid which is earned when students work part time either on campus or with one of CBC's off-campus partners.

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Payment FAQ

Once you've registered for classes, you'll want to make sure your classes are paid for before the tuition due date. Wondering when tuition is due? Or how to pay your tuition? Do we have a payment plan? Check out some of the frequently asked questions about paying your tuition.

Tuition is always due before the start of the quarter. Find updated tuition due dates on our Paying Tuition page.

Paying Tuition

Absolutely! Pay online with a credit card or eCheck with no service charge! Be sure to pay attention to the processing times.

Web ePayment

We accept cash, check (personal, cashier's or money order), Visa or Mastercard.

Yes! We send emails to your CBC student email and text messages. Don't miss a message - make sure your phone number is up to date in MyCBC.

Login to MyCBC

Yes, but there is a $25 processing fee. If you need to make a payment via phone, call the Accounting Services department at 509-547-0511 ext. 2268.

If your tuition and fees are not paid before the tuition deadline, you could be dropped from your classes for non-payment and have a drop fee of $20 added to your account.

Yes, we do! We understand not everyone can make a large one-time payment. STEPP makes it simple by dividing your balance over three easy payments.

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We will take care of that for you! If your financial aid has been awarded before the tuition deadline, any available funds will go directly towards your tuition and fees. Be sure to visit "My Schedule" on MyCBC to make sure your award is paying your tuition. Just remember, if your financial aid does not cover all your tuition, you are responsible to pay the remaining balance before the tuition deadline.

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This could happen for a few different reasons. Your award may not match the number of credits you are enrolled in, or the Financial Aid office may be requesting additional documents before you can be awarded. If your financial aid isn't covering your classes, contact the Financial Aid office at 509-547-0511 or visit Hawk Central.

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Registration FAQ

Whether this is your first quarter, only quarter or last quarter at CBC, we are here to help answer your registration questions. While we can't help you with academic advising, we can help you understand your registration blocks and assist with registration changes.

Your MyCBC account updates to show when you can register for the upcoming quarter. Don't see a date? Visit or email Hawk Central.

New students, with no prior college credits, will attend Post-SOAR Advising (PSA). A Completion Coach at PSA will help you select and register for classes. Schedule your appointment online during your Getting Started Steps after completing SOAR.

Getting Started

Web Registration in MyCBC allows you to access your schedule. Enter the item number of the class you would like to drop/withdraw. If you receive financial aid, it's important to visit Hawk Central or contact the Financial Aid office at 509-547-0511, first, to learn how withdrawing from a class could impact your academic progress.


Visit our calendar to view any applicable registration deadlines.

Academic Deadlines

Yes, if you are a current or returning student. You will just need instructor permission for late enrollment. If the instructor allows you to join their class, ask them to sign a registration form or request permission via email. Please be sure to include class information such as course ID, class item number, class time, etc, within your email.

Registration Form

Visit Web Registration in MyCBC to learn more about your registration block. Still have questions? Visit Hawk Cental or send us email.

CBC does not currently have wait lists. You might be able to get instructor permission to add a class, even if it's full. If the instructor allows you to join their class, ask them to sign a registration form or request permission via email. Please be sure to include class information such as course ID, class item number, class time, etc, within your email.

Registration form

Whether you are feeling overwhelmed by your choices or just not sure what you need to take to graduate, our Counseling and Advising department is here to help!

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Transcript FAQ

A transcript is a record for all the classes you've taken at an institution, and sometimes another college or potential employer will ask you for a copy. Do you need a copy of your CBC transcript? Are you a transfer student who needs to submit official transcripts from another college to CBC? Whether you're transferring to or from CBC, or into the workforce, we want to help you make a smooth transition.

There are three different ways that you can order your CBC transcript. Online through Parchment Exchange, in person at Hawk Central, or by filling out our Transcript Order Form and submitting via email or mail.

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Transcripts can be submitted by mail to:
Columbia Basin College
ATTN: Student Records (MS-H4)
2600 N 20th Ave
Pasco, WA 99301

Electronic copies sent directly from colleges or authorized online service providers can be emailed to us at transcripts@columbiabasin.edu.


CBC requires transcripts from all previously attended colleges or universities for degree seeking students. If you are looking to attend CBC for one quarter only, transcripts are not required but may be needed for placement into courses with prerequisites. In this scenario, an unofficial transcript may be used.

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No. Once we have received transcripts from all the colleges and universities you have attended and you are a recently accepted or a current student, your transcripts will be put in queue for evaluation. If you are not a current student, you will need to reactivate your account or apply. Once the evaluation is complete, you will receive an email to your CBC email address and a hard copy will be mailed to your home address.

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It really depends upon the volume of transcripts we are receiving at the time. It can be as quick as a couple of weeks, but may take up to six weeks during high volume times.


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