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Student Resource Center hits halfway point

Columbia Basin College’s Student Resource Center Hits Halfway Point in Construction

Posted Date: June 2nd, 2021
By: Margo Cady

PASCO, Wash. — Wondering what’s being built along Interstate 182? It’s Columbia Basin College ‘s (CBC) new Student Resource Center.

Construction hit its halfway point at CBC’s new Student Resource Center today and the last major piece of structural steel is now installed. CBC held a celebration ceremony to commemorate the occasion.

Construction workers with Lydig Construction and officials with Columbia Basin College were given the opportunity to sign the metal beam before it was raised into its final resting point. Iron Workers #14 spray painted the beam with bright pink paint as well.

The beam was pre-cut Tuesday evening when temperatures were lower. With the ceremony being held around 11 a.m. Wednesday, the beam had expanded. This created a small delay in the completion of the project as the metal had expanded. Crew members successfully welded the giant metal beam around noon.

Jay Frank, Assistant Vice President of Communications & External Relations for Columbia Basin College said the center will most likely be known as a competitive arena for the college’s varsity sport’s teams.

“[It’s] not just for the athletes, but as I said there are multi-purpose learning spaces. There’s even room for e-gaming. So in the future, we’ll have an e-sports team so you can come to CBC and be a part of a club and compete in a video game space as well,” Frank said.

CBC will open the eighty-thousand-square-foot recreational center in 2022. Until then, the current gymnasium named the “Hawk’s Nest” will still be open and available for community use. The Hawk’s Nest will be demolished after the completion of the new Student Resource Center.

“I just want to thank the construction teams for all the work that they’ve done,” Frank said. “It’s a hot day you know, we’re going to be up around a hundred degrees and the crews from Lydig are still out here getting this work done.”


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