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Student at Graduation Parade

CBC Planning Unique Two-Day Graduation

Posted Date: May 2nd, 2021
By: Taylor Fritz

PASCO, Wash. — More than a year into the pandemic, Columbia Basin College is planning its most extensive, and lengthiest, commencement ceremony ever.

The college will stretch the festivities over two days, Friday, June 18th, and Saturday, June 19th, with a slow-motion drive-through parade that allows graduates the time to exit their vehicle to walk across an outdoor stage and pose for a photo op with their family.

“They’ve accomplished something amazing, and we want them to celebrate as much as they can, and we want them to know that we are so proud of them,” says Alice Schlegel, CBC Director for Student Activities, adding, “we are so proud that we will soon be able to call them alumni.”

College administrators say the plans were crafted in response to a survey of expected graduates. In that survey, 73% of respondents indicated they would be likely to attend a socially distanced or drive-through celebration. Over two out of three respondents said they preferred the option to walk across a stage and pose for photos.

The only way to safely accommodate these desires was to stretch out the ceremony over two days, giving each graduate time to stop their vehicle for the stage walk and photo op.

For more on the college’s plans for commencement, visit their website.

Expected graduates are reminded each year that graduating isn’t automatic, and that a graduation application must be submitted to receive a certificate or diploma.


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