Communication Studies

Mass Media, Multi-Cultural Communication and Speech

The Communication Studies program at CBC offers courses that build on your communication skills to enhance your interpersonal and professional relationships, including conflict resolution, leadership, debate, media studies and cross-cultural communication. These courses can satisfy the humanities requirements for an Associate of Arts, and potentially give you the foundation for a future career in communications, public relations, marketing, non-profit administration or education.

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Scholarship Opportunities

The CBC Communication Department offers scholarship opportunities annually. These scholarships are based on various criteria as decided by the Communication faculty.

Any currently enrolled or potential student is eligible to apply. Most scholarships are for full-time students (12 or more credits) maintaining a minimum grade point average of 2.5, but a few may be awarded to part-time students. Be sure to complete the CBC Admissions Application.

  • 1. Complete the Foundation Application 

  • 2. Application Requirements:

    • Transcript
    • Two letters of recommendation
  • 3. Grade requirement:

    • Entering freshmen or continuing students must have a GPA of 2.5 or above.


A degree in Communication Studies can lead to a variety of careers in different fields, including:

  • Public Relations

    You could work as an advertiser, event planner, marketer, media developer, health/medical services, social media designer and strategist.

  • Broadcasting & Radio

    Be a journalist, corporate manager, producer, director or content writer.

  • Law & Politics 

    Work as a lawyer, government worker, social/human services, negotiator and foreign relations.

  • Education

    Become an elementary teacher, high school teacher or college professor.


Full-Time Faculty

Courses Taught: Communication Behavior, Multicultural Communication, Speech Essentials and Workplace Communication.

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Courses Taught: Mass Media, Multicultural Communication and Public Speaking

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Courses Taught: Public Speaking and SpeechEssentials

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Courses Taught: Interpersonal Communication, Multicultural Communication and Oral Interpretation

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Adjunct Faculty

Courses Taught: Interpersonal Communication and Multicultural Communication

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Courses Taught: Public Speaking and Speech Essentials

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Courses Taught: Interpersonal Communication

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Courses Taught: Public Speaking

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