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Memorial Day 2019

Memorial Day Ceremony at CBC Honored Those Who Served

Posted Date: 5/23/2019
By: Kaitlin Knapp

PASCO, Wash. - A Memorial Day ceremony was held at Columbia Basin College to remember and reflect those who sacrificed their lives for ours. During the ceremony, a generous donation was made.

Students, staff and veterans gathered at the college, surrounded by thousands of flags representing the men and women who lost their lives. Several spoke about what the day means to them, including a veteran Marine Corps sergeant. He shared his story on veteran suicide.

"Sometimes it feels like we have nobody, but we have each other kind of thing," said Sirgio Maxamilion Rodriguez. "So that's something I really try to implement in my life and through my friends and through my peers and people that I know."

He spoke about a friend reaching out to him before trying to take his own life. His friend survived, but the pain of almost losing a fellow comrade remains. Rodriguez relayed a message to those who may be suffering.

"Speak out and to not be afraid," he explained. "If you're feeling down and you're feeling alone, hey, we're all here." After his speech, Sue Frost, a member of the community, donated $250,000 to the veterans program. There's a pledge to build the endowment to $1 million over the next four years. 

The money will help veterans as they transition to civilian life.


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