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CBC Foundation Scholarship Banquet

Local Students Awarded Over $1 Million in Scholarships

Posted Date: October 25, 2019

Columbia Basin College foundation hosted their annual scholarship banquet Friday. This year they are awarding a record amount of money, over one-million dollars.

Organizers explained the scholarship money is what makes a difference for over 600 students who probably wouldn't be able to pursue a higher education without it.

Matthew Petersen is the CBC Vice Chair and he said, “we have so many people that wouldn’t be able to go to school without these scholarships and be able to further their education, dreams, and successes.”

Petersen explained the best part of the annual banquet is seeing the students.

“Students. That is really why we are all here, to make sure we can help students succeed," said Petersen.

While they hit a record for how much was donated this year they're looking to continue to increase the amount of donations received next year.

If you are interested in becoming a donor you can find those details here.


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