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Columbia Basin College Students Seek Help for Mental Wellness

Posted Date: January 20, 2021
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PASCO, WA – Students at Columbia Basin College are reaching out for help from the college with mental wellness in larger numbers as the COVID pandemic continues.

The college reports that while the issues many students face are familiar – such as issues with anxiety, depression, and stress – there has been an increase in students seeking out the assistance of counselors for the first time. Some of the compounding factors have been social isolation, financial problems, and concerns about family members who may be ill.

CBC Counselor Carrie DeLeon says the trend towards asking for help is a positive one, saying she wants students to “just know that there are four counselors here available. They don’t need to be having a major mental health issue, although they could schedule for that as well. But if they just need someone to talk to (we are here).”

In addition to free counseling, CBC offers emergency financial assistance to eligible students, through a partnership with STCU, providing small grants to students who are experiencing a one-time financial hardship that is unlikely to occur again.


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