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CBC Welcoming More Students

Columbia Basin College Welcoming 1,700 New Students this Semester

Posted Date: September 3, 2019

PASCO, Wash. — Columbia Basin College (CBC) president Rebekah Woods says just like the Tri-Cities: the school is growing faster some folks realize.

She says they've enrolled more than a 1,700 new students for the Fall 2019 semester, and on Tuesday many of them got their first real look at the campus.

Dr. Woods says CBC's First Year Introduction, FYI for short, gives students a chance to navigate and learn before classes start next Monday, September 16.

"For students to be successful in college it really starts from day one," she says. "They need to have a thorough understanding of the college and what [the] college experience is like."

She says students using the FYI workshops are more successful than those who don't.

"Over 40% of our student population is first-generation college students, so they wont necessarily have that experience and understanding from home," Woods explains. "The simplest things can be intimidating. 'What're the resources available, when should I talk to my professor, where's my class on the first day'?"

Future workshops are available Thursday, September 5; Friday, September 6 and online for those unable to be there in person.

Dr. Woods says she comes to work each day excited to help students reach their goals; all students.

"We welcome everybody," she says. "We want everybody to know they have a place here at the college, and that the whole reason we exist as a college is to help them be successful."


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