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CBC Veterans Day Ceremony

Columbia Basin College Student-veterans Honoring Fellow Service Members

Posted Date: November 7, 2019
By: Christopher Poulsen

PASCO, Wash. -- Columbia Basin College (CBC) hosted a Veteran's Day ceremony honoring all veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces at the campus veterans monument.

Veteran speakers told the crowd what being a veteran means to them on Thursday.

Kristin Fox with the school's veterans office estimates around 500 of CBC's students are veterans.

She's a veteran of the U.S. Army Reserve and says the ceremony is especially meaningful.

"We like to honor our veterans and let them know they're not alone and that we're all here to support each other," Fox says. "Don't forget to thank them and just know we all feel you're all worth it and that's why we did it."

Warrior Scholars Chapter president Isaac Zepeda says this is his second year working on the project.

"We do something big every year. Veteran's day is actually on the 11th so we're just having this event early because we have the day off to remember the veterans," he explains. "We always want to do something for them."


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