Cyber Security Careers

  • Cyber Security Specialist/Technician

    Cyber Security Specialists/Technicians apply knowledge of cyber security fundamentals to administer, test, implement and coordinate changes to organization network architectures, as well as implement and manage security measures to safeguard them. These jobs lead to Cyber Security Analysts, Cyber Security Consultants and Penetration & Vulnerability Testers.

  • Cyber Crime Analyst/Investigator

    Cyber Crime Analyst/Investigators apply or develop actionable intelligence on advanced cyber threats to our services and our customers. Individuals collect data from a variety of internal and external sources and use it to develop an understanding of high-grade actors and their tools, techniques and procedures. They then leverage that understanding to proactively identify and mitigate malicious activity.

  • Incident Analyst/Responder

    Incident Analyst/Responders work closely with key stakeholders and various engineering disciplines during analysis activities in response to changing security threats and requirements. Generally, this position focuses on risk management and threat modeling, providing tangible and meaningful products that describe the threat landscape to the organization based on input, which supports informal documented risk assessments.


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