Welding Technology

Do you enjoy working with your hands or using high-tech industrial equipment? Do you picture yourself as a builder or a problem solver? The two-year program covers both theoretical and practical training in basic and advanced welding techniques, giving you all the skills you need to graduate and put your skills and passions to work in an in-demand career in today’s construction trades and fabrication shops.

Build a Solid Career

Welding is a very sophisticated and technical science that requires mental application as well as hands-on abilities.

Your time is split between classroom learning (math, English and communications skills) and time in the shop practicing shield metal arc welding, gas metal arc welding, gas tungsten arc welding, pipe welding and fabrication.

Student practicing stick welding

Intensive Classes

While classes typically follow a schedule to help you complete the program in two years, you can choose to learn more about the follow specific processes by registering for additional lab time. Discuss options for additional studies in areas listed below with your instructor.

  • Shielded metal arc (SMAW)
  • Gas metal arc (GMAW)
  • Flux cored arc (FCAW)
  • Gas tungsten arc (GTAW)
  • Oxy Acetylene


Tools & Safety Equipment

Safety for you, other students and faculty is the first priority in the welding lab. You will complete safety training prior to working in the shop. In addition, you must have the proper attire or personal protective equipment. Clothing should be made of natural fibers, eye and ear protection are required, leather sleeves, chaps, etc. are worn to protect your skin, and a welding helmet is required.

This information and more will be reviewed in detail with you during your program orientation. The list below is included for planning purposes only. Tools for the program will cost approximately $350. Please check with your instructor prior to purchasing and tools or equipment.

  • Welding Hood
  • 1 pair leather gloves for stick welding
  • 1 pair leather work gloves
  • Leather jacket or sleeves with apron
  • Leather chaps or Carhart bibs
  • #10 glass shaded lens
  • Safety glasses
  • Welding cap
  • Leather work boots
  • Full face shield
  • Tool box
  • Chipping hammer
  • Wire brush
  • 1 pair vice grips
  • Small ball peen hammer
  • Small chisel
  • 2 pair c-clamp vice grips
  • Protractor
  • Soap stone and holder
  • 12" adjustable wrench
  • 6.5" center punch
  • Tri-square
  • Torpedo level
  • Tape measure (min. 16')
  • 14" - 16" half round file (bastard cut)
  • Gas welding goggles with #4 or #5 glass shaded lens
  • Striker
  • Tip cleaner
  • Students are eligible to receive up to $1,500 per quarter during the duration of their associate degree or certificate program
  • The scholarship is available to students of any age who are out of work, looking to reskill, begin or continue their education and training for a STEM or high-demand trade
  • Residency requirements may apply
  • The award funding is flexible and may be used for costs beyond tuition, including transportation, food and housing
  • Applications are accepted quarterly
  • WSOS CTS Applications are due October 22
  • Scholarships are open to all students pursuing degrees that will lead to a career in manufacturing
  • Awards range from $1,500 to $2,500 per students
  • Sponsored by the Nuts and Bolts Foundation
  • Scholarship funds are applied directly to tuition and fees
  • NBT Scholarship Applications are due September 30


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