Occupational Safety & Health

Focused on Workplace Safety

Join a cohort in one of approximately three dozen colleges in the U.S. to offer a STEM-based associate’s degree in the field of industrial health and safety! You will prepare to apply basic health and safety principles including physics, engineering and a variety of technical skills to support a variety of industries to identify and mitigate hazardous materials, ensure worker health and maintain worksite safety standards.

Classes are designed to prepare you to professionally:

  • address industrial and construction safety
  • conduct inspection, monitoring, testing and sampling
  • identify and mitigate physical, chemical and biological hazards
  • correctly utilize equipment and calibrate
  • utilize personal safety and protection
  • prepare thorough reports


Please email cteFREECOLUMBIA_BASIN to request an application.

Industry Focused Education

All classes are taught by professionals currently working in the Occupational Health & Safety industry. Classes are offered in a variety of formats, face-to-face, hybrid and online. You can choose to enroll full- or part-time. You may take individual courses offered as components in the OSH degree plan for:

  • continued education
  • degree exploration
  • personal enrichment
  • professional promotion

To inquire about enrollment, send a message to cteFREECOLUMBIA_BASIN.

Internship / Industry Project

Experience in industry or an enhanced understanding of a specialized topic is a requirement of all students who complete this program. Faculty and industry partners work to assist you to secure a short-term internship or work experience opportunity during the final quarter of your studies. The internship requires a maximum of 156 hours in industry, an enforcement agency or a consultation services setting.

Industrial Health and Safety at CBC

Depending on program enrollment or industry need, there may not be placements for all students. If you don't have a suitable internship, you are able to complete the credit requirements with an Industry Project class. In this class, you will build a project that enhances your knowledge of working in the commercial safety industry with a faculty mentor.


Students walking around CBC's Pasco campus