Standards of Academic Progress and Performance

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If you have already been academically dismissed from CBC, but you are ready to get back on track and have counselor permission, register for the Academic CPR class!

Academic CPR

We want you to be successful at CBC and have the best education experience possible. In order to assist you in maintaining successful academic performance, we think it's important to provide you with information about CBC's standards of academic progress and performance. We do our best to check in with you and monitor your academic performance so that we can inervene when expectations are not being met.

We never want to discourage or penalize you, but there may be situations when CBC may determine that you are not benefiiting from your time at CBC. In these situations CBC may decide to:

  • Limit or deny future enrollment at CBC
  • Allow continued enrollment but limit state funding support

Academic Performance Policy

CBC's Academic Performance Policy includes both grade performance and credit completion components. If you are in a degree or certificate program, you must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.00 to avoid being placed on academic probaiton.

Academic Sanctions

If you have a cumulative GPA below 2.00, you will be placed on academic probation that could progress to academic dismissal if subsequent academic performance does not improve. CBC may block your ability to register for future classes until you have met specific intervention requirements. When you improve your cumulative GPA to 2.00 or higher, you will be removed from unsatisfactory performance status. However, CBC reserves the right to continue to monitor your progress and performance. 

Distress to Success

Did you receive a letter instructing you to complete Distress to Success (DTS)? DTS is an online presentation full of tips and resources to help you improve your GPA! We want to help you find success at CBC and this presentation is designed to do just that. Your registration block will be removed two to three business days after completing the DTS presentation.

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