The foundation of all science

Mathematics is for Every Discipline

An anonymous source said, “Knowledge of Mathematics makes you more versatile, valuable and mentally mature.”

Any attempt to define mathematics is destined to miss the grand scope of the discipline, but in short, mathematics is the logical study of quantities, structures and space from both an abstract perspective as well as an applied context.

CBC Math Program

In general, students pursuing every degree at Columbia Basin College (CBC) will find mathematics courses to satisfy their educational goals.

  • Students interested in pursuing a science and mathematics rich discipline like engineering, or pure science disciplines like physics and chemistry, will follow the rigorous mathematics coursework needed through calculus, linear algebra and differential equations.

  • Students interested in less mathematically intensive disciplines like biology or environmental science (or even business and economics) will need courses of precalculus, statistics and perhaps some calculus.

  • Students seeking a liberal arts degree will benefit from math in society and/or statistics, while those pursing a technically field like machining or welding will take algebra and geometry.

Proficiency in Mathematics is a Gateway to Several Possible Careers

  • Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Statistician or Actuary
  • Research Mathematician



Students walking around CBC's Pasco campus