Environmental Science

Study Earth at its tipping point

The World Around You

Environmental Science is the study of the Earth, its ecosystems, and the complex systems of soil, air and water that make up the environment.

Studying Environmental Science at CBC gives you a strong foundation for understanding today’s environmental problems, from historical events and trends to the impact humanity has on the environment in the present day, for good or ill. You’ll gain a greater awareness of today’s issues that will challenge you to think critically about your own lifestyle choices and how they affect the Earth’s biosphere and natural resources.

  • You're in the right place!

    There's no better time or place to pursue a degree in environmental science! Washington State has committed to transition our state to 100% clean energy by 2045. This monumental mission will require many experts in environmental science to work together to meet this goal.

  • You're on the right track!

    Taking our Environmental Science classes along with other general prerequisites here at CBC makes you transfer-ready to choose one of our state's fine four-year institutions at which to pursue your degree in this area of study.

  • You'll make the right choice!

    Studying Environmental Science can lead to many different degree and career paths. You'll have a plethora of choices and be able to make the one that fits your lifestyle and personality best.

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Working for Your World

Environmental Science is a holistic, multi-disciplinary field that integrates biological, physical and earth sciences to understand how the earth works. Job opportunities in the field of Environmental Science aim to identify, control and prevent disruption to earth's systems and species caused by human activity.

Studying Environmental Science can lead to several in-demand and rewarding careers in the fields of research, conservation and education, including:

  • Field or Laboratory Scientist
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Science Journalist
  • Forest/Park Manager
  • Environmental Educator
  • Project Manager

Opportunties in the field of Environmental Science are nearly endless. Find a job that works for you in this exciting field of study.


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