Automotive Tech

Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Degree

Learn the automotive repair process - from routine maintenance to diagnostics and repair - from A.S.E. certified faculty. To reinforce learning, you will experience classroom lectures that are paired with training on state-of-the-art technology in the lab. You will develop skills in computer diagnosis as well as traditional tool usage. 

Depending on your personal goals, you can earn several certificates or continue your studies to earn an AAS degree.

Instruction in the Automotive Technology program is based on the National Technian's Certification eight Automotive Service Excellence (A.S.E.) topics to prepare students for the A.S.E. mechanic certification tests.

CBC Automotive Technology Program

Certificate Programs

If you are already working in the automotive industry and looking for training to help with career advancement, or are just starting your career and need to develop skills for entry-level employment, short-term certificates are an excellent option. Training is specific to a variety of employment opportunities in the automotive industry. You can choose the ones that most interest you. Most of the coursework required for short-term certificates may be applied to the degree.

Several short-term options are offered at CBC including:

  • Automotive Technology
  • Basic Automotive Technician

Tool List

Preparing for a career in the automotive industry requires more than classroom learning, you will also assemble a collection of tools to complete your transition from student to professional technician. Information below is shared to allow you to prepare, please check with faculty prior to purchasing tools.

CBC Automotive Program

Minimum small roll cab style tool box required. Recommend matching top tool box for future tool growth. Maximum width allowed is 42”.


  • 1/4” Drive: 5-13 mm. 6pt. standard length
  • 1/4” Drive: 3/16”-9/16” 6pt. standard length
  • 3/8” Drive: 10-19 mm. 6pt. standard length
  • 3/8” Drive: 10-19 mm. 6pt. deep length
  • 3/8” Drive: 3/8”-3/4” 6pt. standard length
  • 3/8” Drive: 3/8”-3/4” 6pt. deep length
  • 5/8”, 9/16”and 13/16” Spark Plug Sockets.
  • Metric Allen Sockets-male 4 mm-14 mm
  • Standard Allen Sockets-male 1/8”-3/8”
  • Male Torx Socket Set. #8-#55
  • Female Torx Socket Set. #8-#55

Socket Wrenches, Adaptors and Extensions

  • 1/4”, 3/8” and 1/2” Drive Ratchets
  • 1/4” Extensions: 2”, 6”, 14”
  • 3/8” Torque Wrench-Click Type 20-100ft lbs
  • 3/8”-1/2” Adapter Impact
  • 3/8” Universal Swivel
  • 3/8” Extensions: 1”, 3”, 6”, 12”, 24”
  • 1/2” Extensions: 3”,6”,12”,24”
  • 1/2” Torque Wrench-Click Type 50-250 ft lbs


  • Combination Wrench Sets 6-21 mm.
  • Combination Wrench Sets: 1/4”-1”
  • 12” Pipe Wrench
  • 12” Adjustable (Crescent) Wrenches


  • Short and Long Nose Needle Nose Pliers
  • Duck-Billed Pliers
  • Large Channel Locks 16”
  • Small Channel Locks 10”
  • Side Cutters (diagnal)
  • 7” and 10” Vice Grips


  • Standard and Phillips Screwdriver Sets

Hammers and Punches

  • 48 oz. Hammer
  • 16 oz. Dead-Blow Hammer
  • Combination Punch and Chisel Set (Small, medium, and large chisel. Small, medium, and large Pin punches, one center punch.).
  • Brass Hammer
  • Large Brass Drift Punch


  • Digital Volt-Ohm Meter (DVOM) Fluke 88, Fluke 115

Measuring Tools

  • 0-4” Outside Micrometer Set
  • Dial indicator kit with flex arm and vice grip attachment
  • Snap Gauges Set
  • Feeler Gauges

Miscellaneous Tools

  • Spark Plug Gapper
  • Fender Covers (MUST HAVE)
  • Jobber length drill set 1/64” graduations up to 1/2”
  • Tire Pressure Gauge Digital Type,  Blue Point # TPDGT150
  • Small and Large Band Type Oil Filter Wrenches
  • Small Extendable Mirror
  • Flashlight (Recommend Rechargeable)
  • Pick Set
  • Telescoping (24” min.) Magnetic Pick-up Tool
  • Anti-Freeze Tester
  • Wire Brush-Small and Large, stainless or brass optional
  • 16” and 24” Pry-Bar
  • 3 Piece line up pry bar set
  • 3/8” Reversible drill motor-air or electric 750 RPM Max. (Prefer cordless)
  • 12 “Steel ruler measuring down to 32nd of an inch
  • Spring Lock Connector Release Set-Universal and Ford
  • Gasket Scraper (Razor-Blade Style)
  • Regular Style Gasket Scraper-Short and Long
  • Flywheel Turner
  • Impact Driver
  • Spark Tester
  • A/C Valve Core Removal Tool
  • Pocket Thermometer
  • 4-5’ Outside Micrometer


  • Standard Flare Nut Wrench Set 1/4”-5/8”
  • Metric Flare Nut Wrench Set 9 mm-21 mm
  • Standard Brake Bleeder Wrenches: 1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8”, 7/16”
  • Metric Brake Bleeder Wrenches: 8mm,10mm

Brake Tools

  • Brake Pliers
  • Hold-Down Spring Removal Tool
  • Brake Spoon
  • Caliper Piston Return Tool
  • Brake Spring Tool (Must Have Instructor Approval)
  • Tubing Cutter
  • Tubing Bender
  • Double Flaring Tool Set


  • Electrical Terminal Removal Tool Set
  • LED Test Light
  • 12V Test Light-High Quality
  • Wire Strippers/Crimpers/Cutters Snap On PWC 28A or Equivalent
  • Battery Terminal Cleaner Tool
  • Battery Pliers
  • Solder Gun-300/200 Watt

Measuring Tools

  • 6” Dial Caliper, internal and external capabilities
  • Spill Free Coolant Funnel Set
  • Refractometer Coolant/Brake Fluid
  • Compression Gauge Set
  • Cylinder Leakage Tester
  • Cooling System Pressure Tester
  • 1/2” Drive Impact Wrench (Air Gun)
  • 1/2” Drive: 13-2 1mm. Impact sockets. 6pt. standard length
  • Pry Bar 40+ inches
  • Fender Covers (MUST HAVE)
  • 24 oz. Ball Peen Hammer
  • Internal/External Snap-Ring Set
  • Lip Seal Tools (Wire and flat style)
  • Air Nozzle with Rubber Tip and controllable air regulation (Vacula Style)
  • CV Boot Pliers
  • 3/8” Drive: 10-19 mm. impact swivel sockets
  • 3/8” Drive: 3/8”-3/4” impact swivel sockets
  • 1/2” Drive: 1/2”-1 1/4” Impact sockets. 6pt. standard length
  • Vacuum Pressure Gauge Set
  • Thermometers (2)
  • Noid Lights (Injector Harness Testers)
  • 1/4” and 3/8” Air Ratchets
  • Timing Light
  • Tachometer
  • Hand Held Basic Graphing Scanner or Lab Scope
  • Wireless Code Reader for Smart Phone
  • BoreScope
  • Black Light/Trace Light
  • A/C Pressure Gauge Set
  • Rear Disc Caliper Piston Return Set
  • Standard Straight Offset Long Box End Wrenches 3/8”-15/16”
  • Metric Straight Offset Long Box End Wrenches 10mm-19mm
  • 1/4” Swivel Adaptor
  • 1/2”-3/8” Impact Reducer
  • 1”-1 1/2” Wrenches
  • Battery Terminal Removal Tool
  • Ball end Style Allen Wrench Sets, Metric
  • 1.5-10mm and Standard 1/16”-3/8”
  • Creeper
  • 25’ Extension Cord
  • Pocket Screwdriver
  • Penlight
  • Transmission Funnel
  • Hood Prop
  • Power Probe

GPA Policy & Prerequisites

You have high standards for your career and your future and those are reflected in the requirements CBC and the Automotive Technology program sets for students.

Prior to enrolling in the Automotive Technology program you should attain the necessary prerequisites for MATH 100, ENGL& 101 and college-level reading. These can either be accomplished by taking the required prerequisite classes or through the testing process. If you have questions, please contact a CTE Completion Coach at 509-547-0511 or email cteFREECOLUMBIA_BASIN.

These high standards also apply to your  grades. The Automotive Technology department requires students achieve a minimum grade of 2.0 to continue enrollment in major courses. The CBC Associate in Applied Science degree also requires a minimum grade of 2.0 for each major course. A student who achieves a grade of 1.9 or lower in any required major courses may repeat that course once to achieve a grade of 2.0 or higher. Exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Dean of Career and Technical Education prior to enrollment.

Owner Information

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Vehicle Information

No vehicles older than 1996
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I hereby release and hold harmless Columbia Basin College personnel and students of any liability in connection with the repair work performed on my vehicle. It is understood there is no guarantee or warranty on the work performed as it is part of the instructional program with the work being performed by students in that program. Also, I authorize my vehicle to be test driven by the instructor or a student that the instructor has authorized. I further understand that Columbia Basin College is in no way responsible for any type of damage to or theft of or loss of any item(s) from my vehicle. Any items of value should be removed from your vehicle prior to being left for repair.

I agree to pay the automotive repair bill upon completion of work requested.

Remember, please lock your vehicle.
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