STEM Academy

Building a learning community for first-year STEM

What is STEM Academy?

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) is a teaching philosophy that integrates all four disciplines together and offers instruction in real-world (as opposed to purely academic) applications and teaching methods.

The STEM Academy at Columbia Basin College is a program designed to provide first-year college students with an opportunity to develop strong college-level STEM skills by engaging in authentic science inquiry and related activities. Studies show that students who receive additional support, mentoring, guidance, and a rigorous course of study have a higher chance to persist in achieving their dream of a career in STEM.  

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Requirements for participation:
  • Be a first year CBC student in the STEM Pathway.
  • Have a minimum High School average of 80 or GPA of 2.5. (GED Scores with a minimum 165).
  • Agree to enroll in a CBC first year course of study that includes STEM focused HDEV 101 in the fall, and one mathematics and one science course in each quarter of attendance during the first year.
  • Complete each mathematics and science course. You may not drop the class.
    Agree to an assigned Peer Mentor.
  • Attend the Peer Mentor meetings every other week of the first quarter.
  • Attend end of quarter celebration.
  • Attend the Industry Colloqium.
  • Meet with your completion coach to discuss your career pathway at least once each quarter.
Benefits of the STEM Academy
  • Receive access to a textbook lending library (physical and electronic).
  • Receive a $625 financial assistance stipend that can be used for educational expenses.
  • Complete a new, bilingual supported Human Development orientation course designed for STEM students.
  • Follow a cohort-model schedule that enhances a sense of belonging and community among first-year Math Science & Engineering students.
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The STEM Academy is funded by a $200,000 grant from the National Science Foundation, DUE#2121883. The grant timeline is October 1, 2021 to September 30, 2023.

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