STEM Academy

Building a learning community for first-year STEM

What is the STEM Academy?

The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Academy at Columbia Basin College is a program designed to provide first-year college students with an opportunity to develop strong college-level STEM skills by engaging in authentic science inquiry and related activities. Studies show that students who are in the STEM field and receive a combination of financial, academic and social support have a higher chance to persist in achieving their dream of a career in STEM. Students in the STEM Academy receive additional support, mentoring, guidance, and a rigorous course planning. 

Teacher with student

Requirements for participation:
  • Be a first year CBC student in the STEM Pathway.
  • Have a minimum High School average of 80 or GPA of 2.5. (GED Scores with a minimum 165).
  • Agree to enroll in a CBC first year course of study that includes STEM focused HDEV 101 in the fall.
  • Agree to enroll into two STEM courses per quarter for the first year. 
  • Complete a college level mathematics course by the end of the year.
  • Agree to an assigned Peer Mentor.
  • Attend the Peer Mentor meetings every other week of the first quarter.
  • Attend end of quarter celebration.
  • Attend the Industry Colloquium.
  • Meet with your completion coach to discuss your career pathway at least once each quarter.
Benefits of the STEM Academy
  • Receive access to a textbook lending library (physical and electronic).
  • Receive a $500 financial assistance stipend that can be used for educational expenses.
  • Complete a bilingual supported Human Development orientation course designed for STEM students.
  • Follow a cohort-model schedule that enhances a sense of belonging and community among first-year Math Science & Engineering students.
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* At this time, we are not taking any new applications.



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