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Congratulations, graduate! We're so proud of you!

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Did you know graduation isn't automatic? Your degree conferral and participation in commencement depend on your application! Contact Counseling & Advising for more information.

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Congrats, Graduate!

You did it! We proud to announce that over 1,500 student graduated this year. Information for next year will appear on this page in spring 2022. 

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Graduation FAQ

Yes! Without an application, we would be unable to determine the specific degree or certificate you're hoping to earn. We encourage you to meet with your completion coach at least one quarter before you expect to complete your requirements to formally apply to graduate.


Yes. Please fill out your graduation application by the spring quarter deadline.

Graduation Applications

Graduate announcements can be ordered through the CBC Bookstore. Because of COVID-19, we will not be having a traditional ceremony, but we will be hosting a drive-thru celebration on campus. Because the drive-thru will be specifically for the graduate and one carload of their family/close friends, we recommend ordering announcements instead of invitations. 

For purposes of the commencement program and ceremony regalia only, your honors designation is based on your GPA at the completion of the winter quarter prior to graduation. Don't worry--if your designation has changed since winter quarter, we'll make sure it appears correctly on your official transcript and diploma.

Diplomas for Bachelor's degrees or one-year certificates will be sent to the address listed on your graduation application approximately one month after grades have posted for the quarter you completed your requirements or after your graduation application was submitted, whichever was later. All diplomas are mailed via the United States Postal Service, and processing times may vary.

Login to MyCBC and click on "My Grades" to view your unofficial transcript, which will show any degrees/certificates you have earned.

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When requesting an official transcript, be sure to mark the "After degree is posted for current quarter" option, and we will be sure your degree or certificate is posted before your transcript is sent!

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Applying for Graduation

Congratulations on nearing this milestone! As a candidate for a degree or one-year certificate, we encourage you to meet with your completion coach or program advisor one quarter prior to your anticipated completion so that you can formally apply to graduate.  

You can graduate at the end of any quarter. If you’re planning to participate in the commencement ceremony in June, you will have to have completed your degree or one-year certificate during the most recent fall, winter or spring quarter or the summer quarter following the commencement ceremony.

In order to receive a degree or one-year certificate from CBC, you need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Complete all degree/certificate program requirements within the College catalog (refer to the Catalog Option Policy for more information regarding catalog degree requirements).
  • Complete at least one-third of the total credits required for an associate degree/certificate or 45 credits for a bachelor’s of applied science degree in residence at CBC.
  • Earn a cumulative college-level grade point average of 2.0 or above in courses completed at CBC.
  • Earn a combined cumulative college-level grade point average of 2.0 or above in courses completed at CBC and transferred in from other institutions.
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To apply for graduation, complete the appropriate “Graduation Application Cover Sheet” and review it with your completion coach or program advisor. Your completion coach or program advisor will submit it to the registrar for final review. For assistance with completing a graduation application or determining your catalog year, please call 509-542-5505 or email Counseling & Advising to schedule an appointment with your completion coach.




Honors Designations

Did you know that if you earn a bachelor’s degree, associate degree or a one-year certificate from CBC you are eligible to receive scholastic honors as established by the College? Your eligibility for honors is calculated using your cumulative grade point average (GPA) for all college-level credits earned at CBC as of the last quarter in which all degree requirements have been completed. Your credits and grades transferred to CBC from other colleges and universities are not included in the calculation for the honors designation.

For purposes of the commencement program and ceremony regalia only, your honors designation is based on your GPA at the completion of winter quarter prior to the commencement ceremony.

Your official transcript and diploma will note your honors designation.


Associate Degrees and One-Year Certificates

Cumulative college-level GPA Honors Designation
3.85 to 4.00 High Honors
3.50 to 3.84 Honors


Bachelor's Degrees

Cumulative college-level GPA Honors Designation
3.90 to 4.00 Summa Cum Laude
3.70 to 3.89 Magna Cum Laude
3.50 to 3.69 Cum Laude


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