Docket of WAC Rules

Columbia Basin College’s Rules Coordination Office oversees the College’s rule-making process, including the review, creation, amendment, and repeal of CBC’s Washington Administrative Code rules (Title 132S WAC). In carrying out this function, the Coordination Office works with the College division(s) promulgating the rule(s), and the Attorney General’s Office for final adoption. In addition, the Coordination Office maintains the College rule-making docket; plans and facilitates public hearings; produces the required legal notices for the press; and publishes the WAC chapters on the CBC webpage.

Title 132S of the Washington Administrative Code contains the rules of Columbia Basin College (CBC). Rule amendments and additions are coordinated by the Rules Coordination Office under the Human Resources & Legal Affairs Division of CBC.

This webpage provides information about current rule-making activity and recently proposed rule changes by CBC. If you have questions regarding the rule-making process, you may e-mail Camilla Glatt, Rules Coordinator or call 509-542-5548.

Below is a list of CBC's previously codified rules under rule-making.

Public Comment and Hearing

Columbia Basin College will accept written, electronic, facsimile and telephonic comments on the proposals through December 13, 2019. Please contact:

Camilla Glatt, Vice President for Human Resources & Legal Affairs
2600 N 20th Ave., MS-A2
Pasco, WA 99301
509-544-2029 (Facsimile)
800-833-6384 (TTY)

Columbia Basin College will provide an opportunity for oral comment to be received in a public, recorded rule-making hearing on December 16, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. at Columbia Basin College, 2600 N 20th Avenue (Board Room), Pasco, WA 99301, and will be presided over by the President's designee, Rules Coordinator Camilla Glatt. The hearing will be conducted to afford interested persons the opportunity to present comments individually. Time limits will be placed on individual comments and the comments must relate to the matter at hand.

Concise Explanatory Statement

Proposed Rule-Making

Columbia Basin College has proposed amendments to its rules for brief and full adjudicative procedures, updates to the administrative review processes and appeals and related adjudicative roles. There are additional updates to animal control on campus, trespass, pedestrian’s right of way, and College policy changes concerning facility use for expressive activities, student conduct and appeal process to safeguard the due process rights for all students, and improving the College’s ability to respond to student conduct matters. All of the proposed amendments to the rules are part of a comprehensive effort to update the proposed WACs.

To review previous rule-making activities, please click the link Docket of WAC Rules.

Chapter 132S-05 WAC, Administration
Chapter 132S-20 WAC, Practice and Procedure
Chapter 132S-100 WAC, Student Code of Conduct
Chapter 132S-200 WAC, Health and Safety Regulations
Chapter 132S-300 WAC, Campus Parking and Traffic Regulations
Chapter 132S-400 WAC, Facility Use for First Amendment Activities
Chapter 132S-500 WAC, Facility Use for Other than First Amendment Activities

Washington State Register (WSR) Citations:
CR-101: WSR 19-09-027
CR-102: WSR 19-21-033
CR-103: WSR 20-03-046

For questions or comments about this page, please contact: Camilla Glatt, Rules Coordinator, Phone: 509-542-5548



  • Phone:509-547-0511

  • Address:2600 N. 20th Ave., Pasco, WA 99301

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