Student Housing Maintenance Request Form

    Please fill out the form below for non-emergency maintenance requests. If your request is an emergency, please contact the Resident Advisor on duty at 509-492-1208 or Campus Security at 509-542-4777 immediately. All other requests should be processed through this form.

    Examples of Emergency Maintenance Items:

    • Doors that cannot be secured or that will not allow access into the room
    • Fires
    • Flood/major leaks 
    • Lack of a single light source in which a temporary light source cannot be provided
    • Power failure
    • Stolen keys
    • Clogged or overflowed toilet
    • Lack of a single heat source in which a temporary heat source cannot be provided
    • The smell of gas

    Fields marked with * are required.
    Please be specific with the location and repair needed.