Social & Behavioral Sciences

Shawn Nyman

Associate Professor of Sociology

My mission in higher education at Columbia Basin College is to ensure access for all current and potential students to higher education and arm our diverse student population with degrees, certifications and expert skills to succeed in a dynamic fast paced modern world. Citizens of the Tri-Cities not only need the ability to be successful in their chosen vocation or field, but also need to be able to critically think to separate fact from fiction in a post truth society. I strive to arm the students of Columbia Basin College with the intelligence, ingenuity, knowledge and imagination to succeed and lead in our community.


M.A., The University of Alabama at Birmingham
B.A., University of Washington
A.A., Walla Walla Community College

Nyman, Shawn. The Benefits of Belonging: What is the Role of Sense of Community In Academic Success at a Community College? Paper presented at Pacific Sociological Association convention April, 2017 in Portland, Oregon.

Austin, Adam, Stevens, Kay Lynn, Nyman, Shawn. (2016). How do online and-face-to face discussion formats influence critical thinking? Presented at Western Psychological Association Convention, April, 2016 in Long Beach California.