Leslie Guzmán

Interim Director for CAMP

I grew up in Pasco, Washington and am an alumna of the College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) at Columbia Basin College, where I attained my AAS-DTA degree. After CBC, I transferred to Eastern Washington University, where I received both my Bachelor of Social Work and Master of Public Administration degrees.

Throughout college, I was fortunate to work as a student employee where I found my true passion of working with students. I have had a long trajectory of being an advocate for first generation college students and especially students of migrant backgrounds. My drive and passion stem from federally funded programs such as CAMP and the individuals who embraced me and many other students as well.

As an advisor, I hope to continue to contribute to my community and my students with the same tireless and selfless support I once received.

M.P.A., B.A., Eastern Washington University