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Virtual Exhibit: Pleurotus Incrementum - presented by Lisa Soranaka

Virtual Exhibit: Pleurotus Incrementum - presented by Lisa Soranaka

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Thursday, January 14, 2021


All Day


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Free and open to the public

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Phone: 509-542-4864


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Lisa Soranaka states that being a woman has so many complexities to navigate, and she is exploring the ways in which there is great strength and beauty, but also great anxiety and fear. She finds significance in how the organic forms relate to her own femininity and ideals of beauty, and when the relationship with those ideals becomes toxic and parasitic. Soranaka makes work that explores the blurring of that line. When she is overwhelmed or suffocated by anxieties specifically tied to feelings of doubt: not thin enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough or not talented enough. Not enough. But then within that fragility of the female psyche, within her own, there is also great strength and true beauty. Despite hardships, there can be a new beginning, new growth and new life. The floral-esque growths represent both of those ideas, pushing against each, and coexisting in that space.

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The Esvelt Gallery would like to thank the ASCBC for its support.

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