Resuming In-Person Services at CBC

CBC’s campuses will resume in-person services for all areas on October 18, 2021, in addition to continuing to provide remote services for students and the public. The College will not publicly promote the increase of in-person services to allow for preparations, operational adjustments and time to ensure full functionality and safety of our on-campus workspaces and service areas. A public announcement will be made after ensuring readiness and the campus community has been notified in advance. 

While some areas on our campus continued offering in-person services while much of the campus community was learning and working remotely, they have operated safely and helped to support our students learning on campus and those working on and away from campus. As we increase in-person services, areas such as Information Services, Maintenance and Custodial, and ES&H will be busy helping those returning to campus adjust after workspaces and equipment sat idle for over a year. To avoid impacting these service areas all at once, it is recommended that faculty and staff visit campus to evaluate any needs for their work stations, offices or area by the end of August to allow for staggered support and assistance. 

Instructional faculty will be on campus as their teaching assignments and the schedule indicates, with the plan to increase face-to-face instruction over the next few quarters. Faculty are welcome to use their offices and other facilities that will promote teaching and learning. 

We understand that a transition to “new normal” operations will require time, patience and support. 

Supervisors will assess their areas’ workspaces and service areas for on-campus staffing needs and submit plans for increasing in-person operations to their Vice President by July 1. The supervisor will evaluate type of services or work activities, space capacity limitations, density of staff and anticipated traffic and workflows, physical distancing protocols, available staffing, staggering of schedules, appropriateness of continued remote work or hybrid services, and other relevant factors. The health and wellbeing of our employees and the campus community will be a priority when evaluating how we’ll operationalize offering in-person services for all areas. Between now and September 7, we may also receive updated distancing and density guidelines from the Governor’s office and other COVID-related guidance from state and local officials that will need to be considered.

Supervisors will be communicating with the staff once they are ready to implement plans for their areas. Transparency, clear lines of communication and appropriate notice will be provided in accordance with any applicable collective bargaining agreements.

CBC offers a streamlined process to provide alternative work assignments or arrangements for employees that are at high-risk of severe illness from COVID-19.

  • Requests Related to Employees at High-Risk: Employees whose age or health condition falls within one of the CDC High-Risk categories may request a COVID-19 related alternative work assignment or arrangement by submitting a COVID-19 High-Risk Employee Request Form with supporting medical verification from their health care provider.
  • Requests Unrelated to Employees at High-Risk: Employee requests for a COVID-19 related workplace adjustment as a caregiver for an individual with a disability, or due to a concern for someone in the same household; or because of childcare issues, or any other reason unrelated to the employee being in a high-risk category, the interactive process described above for high-risk employee status does NOT apply.  Such requests should be directed to the supervisor for evaluation and consideration.

Employees who believe they will need an alternative work assignment or arrangement as a high-risk employee should submit a Request Form as soon as possible in order to provide the necessary time for consideration of the request and, as appropriate, implementation of an alternative work assignment or arrangement. This will allow supervisors to anticipate and prepare for implementation of alternate work assignments and arrangements for submission of their department or area-level plans on July 1.

Once the Request Form and medical verification are received, they will be reviewed by the Human Resources Office for evaluation with the employee’s supervisor to determine if the recommended alternative work assignment or arrangement is feasible. The interactive process may include multiple conversations, additional exchanges of information, evaluation of the duties and responsibilities, and the employee’s skills and abilities prior to determining an alternative work assignment or arrangement. A written determination at the conclusion of the process will be provided to the employee along with any other available options.

Those with questions about their request while it is under review may contact the Human%20Resources%20Office.

CBC will offer about 300 classes this fall with some in-person instruction. We are evaluating whether these numbers to increase over the following two academic quarters. These plans will continue to depend upon any updates to the Governor’s requirements for higher education and our community in general. CBC will observe six feet of distancing in our classrooms this fall. 

By governor’s order, CBC will require full vaccination for employees starting October 18, 2021. During fall quarter of 2021, students will be encouraged but not required to be vaccinated. The vaccine mandate for employees also extends to volunteers, visitors, and contractors working on site. 

During winter quarter of 2022, students will be required to be vaccinated, or declare a religious, medical, personal, or philosophical objection. This information may be collected as early as October 2021 for students registering for winter quarter. This approach will ensure a safer campus community, while allowing all students to continue to succeed.

Vaccines are widely available in our community, and you are encouraged to visit the WA Vaccine Locator to make an appointment. For more information on the safety and the importance of vaccines, visit the U.S. Centers for Disease Control’s vaccine information page. There is leave available for full-time employees on CBC's COVID-19 Vaccine Leave intranet page

We are continuing to monitor announcements from the state regarding vaccination status and/or requirements for public employees or institutions of higher education that may impact CBC. In the event a future requirement is announced, CBC will fully evaluate the requirement and share information with our campus community, along with guidance and applicable protocols, etc.

Masks currently remain mandatory on campus while indoors for everyone regardless of vaccination status. However, masks are no longer required outdoors for those who are vaccinated, as long as physical distancing of three feet is observed. Further changes to mask requirements and/or physical distancing requirements may happen in the months ahead. Any change to mask requirements or physical distancing requirements at CBC would only be made under the guidance of the Benton Franklin Health District, and in accordance with guidance from the Washington Department of Health and the Governor’s office. 

In addition to requiring masks indoors, enforcing physical distancing and adhering to other COVID-19 safety protocols, CBC is investing in both ionization and HEPA filter technology for campus buildings to further reduce transmission of COVID-19. These are major investments by CBC with the use of emergency federal dollars. Initially, our ionization work will focus on classrooms and large common spaces, with this technology eventually utilized throughout all our buildings. The ionization equipment will be installed directly into each building’s HVAC system. In many of our common office spaces, meanwhile, we will use standalone HEPA filtration systems to clean the air and protect our employees who are co-located in offices or working in close proximity. 

The Washington Department of Health maintains an excellent webpage with workplace-related guidance. Additionally, you can follow the latest COVID-related information from the CDC at their COVID information webpage. CBC offers COVID safety training on Canvas, and CBC’s COVID information page is another available resource for students, employees, and the public.



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