Welcome to the online Graphics and Printing Center. Please use the links below to submit your printing or publication requests.
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Copy & Printing Requests:
Request printing jobs via our online submission system. Please allow two work days for standard printing requests and six work days for booklets.

Now that we've had the new system running in production for a while, we've noticed that standardizing the printing request process for on-campus and off-campus submissions will simplify it for everyone and eliminate some issues that we were experiencing when printing directly to the queue.

On-Campus & Off-Campus Users:

IMPORTANT: For best results, save your file as PDF, then submit the PDF.
  1. Browse to https://printshop.columbiabasin.edu with Internet Explorer (or Firefox)1
  2. If prompted for username and password, log in with your CBC domain (Outlook/Windows) username and password 2
    Note: If you experience problems logging in, please try your username in one of the following formats or a different browser:
    • username@arda
    • arda\username
    • username
  3. Follow steps 2-6 in the procedure: Print Job Submission

Submitting Jobs to
the Copy Center
Additional System Requirements: Microsoft Silverlight
You can check the silverlight installation on your system here: here
1 We've noticed the least amount of problems with the Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers. Chrome has been the most problematic.
2 Internet Explorer on campus computers has been configured for auto-login.
Contact Information:
Elias Perez
Digital Print Operator
Direct: 509-542-4818
Phone: 509-547-0511 Ext: 2218
Shawn Strait
Offset Printer Operator
Direct: 509-542-4569
Phone: 509-547-0511 Ext: 2569