I am the Assistant Director and Archivist of the Hanford History Project and Director of the Hanford Oral History Project. To date the Hanford Oral History Project has conducted over 200 oral history interviews about the Hanford Site. These interviews and other Hanford digital collections can be found at www.hanfordhistory.com. I am also co-author and editor of Nowhere to Remember: Hanford, White Bluffs, and Richland, part of the Hanford Histories series by WSU Press.

M.A., Washington State University

My research focuses on the history of the Hanford Site and the way this history is shaped by major world events connected to Hanford. 

Bauman, Robert and Franklin, Robert. Nowhere to Remember: Hanford, White Bluffs, and Richland to 1943. Hanford Histories; v. 1. Pullman, Washington: Washington State University Press, 2018.