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Countdown to Launch




CBC will transition to a new software system called ctcLink on April 25, 2022; access will roll out to students gradually over the following weeks.

The ctcLink project is the implementation of a single, centralized system to give students, faculty and staff anytime, anywhere access to a modern, efficient way of conducting their college business.

It is much more than new software. All of the 34 technical and community colleges across the state are aligning their core business processes with the delivered software solution, making for streamlined, standardized practices across the 34-college system.

Although our go-live is in April 2022, our systems and some of the ways we work will be changing before that date. College employees are working hard to get ready for the launch while still working to deliver quality service to you! Please be kind and expect some processes to take longer.

What will students do in ctcLink?

  • Pay tuition and fees
  • Apply for Financial Aid and view accept Financial Aid awards
  • View the class schedule and catalog
  • Register for classes
  • Receive messages and notifications from instructors and advisors
  • View your grades
  • Track your progress toward graduation
  • View and update your personal contact information
  • And more!

Why ctcLink?

Our current administrative systems were implemented in 1979 and there is no possibility of extending or upgrading this system. After more than 40 years, these systems present a serious failure risk. The database and reporting tools in use are no longer supported. Considerable effort is needed to keep this antiquated system operational and this effort continues to grow and become more expensive every day.

ctcLink App Coming Soon!


  • Address:2600 N. 20th Ave., Pasco, WA 99301

Students walking around CBC's Pasco campus