Confidential. Safe. 
ASaferCBC web site allows you to communicate with college officials about incidents or behaviors that affect the safety and security of CBC. Issues such as safety, theft, and substance abuse are serious issues that may not get reported and may end up being repeated. ASaferCBC is a secure way to report these safety issues. 

How does it work?
From any internet connection, fill out the report form on ASaferCBC, and create an incident report. You have the choice to remain anonymous or to reveal your identity. If you choose, you can reveal name(s) and contact information of suspected violators. At the end of the report you will need to create a password.  This password and your unique report number will allow you to anonymously check the status of the report.  The status report will allow you to view any responses or questions the staff may have. Once submitted, only appropriate campus personnel will have access to the report.