Policy & Procedure


Columbia Basin College students must initiate withdrawal from a course by submitting a Schedule Change form to Records before the quarterly deadlines.

The 10th day roster verification process establishes CBC's tenth day enrollment data and fulfills federal requirements for returning Financial Aid funds. It is, therefore, the responsibility of faculty members to verify 10th day class roster information prior to each quarter’s specified deadline. Faculty members will access the 10th day roster from Instructor Briefcase; NO hard copies of the 10th day roster will be accepted.

10th Day Procedure

Excessive Absences after 10th Day

A faculty withdrawal request may be initiated by a faculty member for excessive absences on or before the 40th day of the quarter by submitting an Faculty Withdrawal eForm to the registrar. (For summer session and alternate class schedules, contact Records for withdrawal deadlines (Policy, current Catalog)). The request MUST INCLUDE the attendance policy statement that appears in the class syllabus and the attendance report for the student being withdrawn. The request must be routed to and approved by the dean of the division through the Faculty Withdrawal eForm process.

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