This brief survey can help you identify some symptoms of test anxiety. Read through each statement and reflect upon past testing experiences. You may wish to consider all testing experiences or focus on a particular subject (history, science, math, etc.). Indicate how often each statement describes you by choosing a number from 1 to 5 as outlined below. Note that the number 5 means 'always' and number 1 means 'never'. Click submit when you are finished.

Please remeber, this is NOT a tool to diagnose anxiety issues. This is just a tool to give you an idea of your anxiety level. Contact a counselor if you feel you need help.

1. I have visible signs of nervousness, such as sweaty palms and shaky hands, right before a test.
2. I have "butterflies" in my stomach before a test.
3. I feel nauseated before a test.
4. I read through the test and feel that I do not know any of the answers.
5. I panic before and during a test.
6. My mind goes blank during a test.
7. I remember answers that I blanked on once I get out of the testing situation.
8. I have trouble sleeping the night before a test.
9. I make mistakes on easy questions or put answers in the wrong places.
10. I have difficulty choosing answers and read information into answers.